Dr. Zakir Naik-Can we touch the quran without ablution?



Dr. Zakir Naik explained the importance of ablution before reciting Quran.Many people think that if you are in wudu you became a ‘Mutahhareen ‘Now this purity what the Qur’an refers if you know the background and the Nazool-e-Qur’an when was this verse revealed we come to know, If you read the tafseer various tafsir of ibn kathir and other tafasir We come to know that there was an allegation that these verses which the prophet was receiving that were been revealed to him nauzubillah… it was a revelation from the devil, So in reply to this allegation Allah revealed another verse that none shall touch the Qur’an except those who are pure So this purity ‘Mutahhareen’ doesn’t refer to only bodily purity, it refers to pure in mind in body, in thinking absolutely 100% masoom which no human being can be 100%. It is referring to the angels, that no one can touch the Qur’an except the angels that means the devil cannot interfere in between and the Qur’an referred here it isn’t referring to the mushaf, this is the mushaf the copy of the Qur’an, talking about the Qur’an in Lauh-e-Mehfuz, as Allah says about the tablet well preserved, so that Qur’an which is in the heaven, tablet well preserved. No one can come close to it; no one can touch it except the Angels. ‘Mutahhareen’ mentioned h doesn’t refer to only bodily purity, tahara means only wudu, it doesn’t refer to that. It refers to absolute purity. And it doesn’t refer to this Qur’an refers to the tablet well preserved in the heaven. If it refers to this Qur’an, and it referred to normal wudu any non Muslim can go in the market and purchase the Qur’an for 150 rupees, easily, and can touch it. Then the Qur’an will be proved wrong. No one can touch it, I can touch he will touch it. so it is no where referring to wudu and touching this Qur’an, it is referring to the absolute purity and about Lauh-e-Mahfooz, but generally if someone is in wudu and touches the Qur’an, it is preferable, it is mustahab, It’s not a fard though scholars differ. There is no verse in the Qur’an or a Hadith which says that wudu is compulsory for touching the Qur’an, wudu is compulsory for offering salah. And it was the system of the Prophet he preferred being in wudu always, so it’s not a fard, it’s not a requirement you should be in wudu but it is preferable. There is no verse in the Qur’an or the hadith which says it is fard.

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Dr. Zakir Naik

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Dr Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Naik


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  1. If it refers to gods quoran and since no one can see or touch it why bother to to eve mention it now the verse better known as the satanic verses where mohamed played lip service to three deities other then alah these words supposedly spoken by satan through mohameds mouth without alahs intervention and later forgiven by alah shows a considerable lack of attention by an all seing knowing god or did satan recite the quoran to mohamed which would prove all the other inaccuracies called gods shariia

  2. I am doing Hifz rn but always it was difficult for me to be in the state of wudhu i was confused whether i can touch quran without wudhu thank to allah your video was available to clear my doubt

  3. I know it’s a difference in a opinion and I’m nobody knowledgeable but
    Major scholar in Saudi
    Who is well more versed and knowledgeable than Zakir,
    Shaykh Saleh Fawzan said,
    There’s a Hadith that mentions about this issue,
    Prophet Muhammad PBUH said,
    "No one should touch the Quran expect for one who is tahir (having done wudu)"