Bono: Do they know it's Christmas (in America)?

Bono: Do they know it's Christmas (in America)?

Written by Giordano & Hugo
Performed by Giordano
Vocals by Damian Tapley & Luke Ferris


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  1. I dont need to work in a sweat shop because my ancestors already laid the foundation for me so I dont have to. In 19th early 20th century America that was what happened when we went for an agriculture society to a industrial society. What you call sweat shops pay more than the average job in Asia and South America, it gives people who would other wise not have a job and be forced to live hand to mouth. Girls forced into prostitution etc, now have a jobs. continued…

  2. No one is forcing these people to work in them, why do they travel out of their farms to move thousands of miles into the cities to work in these "sweat shops"? Because they provide opportunity. They have very little education if non at all. Their society must first build a economic foundation. Once they have this then they build on that. Look at Hong Kong one of the richest places on earth they started with mass sweatshops. After ww2 Japan did it now look at them 3rd richest nation on Earth.

  3. Whether they "choose" to work in them or not does not excuse their exploitation. It does not excuse the dangerous hazardous conditions in which they are made to work. It's not an excuse.

    But the fact is they do not choose it. It would take more than 500 characters to explain to you the injustices that force people into industrial slavery. Since you don't seem to be cognizant of that fact, It seems that more research is in order on your part.

    Avoid the capitalist stuff, it's all hypothetical.

  4. The fact is that if you subjected yourself to the conditions that these people work under, you would no longer be able to hold on to your easy rationalizations for their treatment. You would find it unconscionable, because it is, and would find yourself a hypocrite, because you are a beneficiary of their exploitation.

    So you can try to excuse institutions that create human misery, but all that does is negate your moral authority to speak to the subject.

  5. The poor cant make any money farming on essentially peasant farms. Why do you think the majority of the world still has agrarian economies. South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, England, USA etc and many others over the past 150 years the people lived in huts/ shacks for the most part and lived hand to mouth. It wasnt until the industrial revolution that the mass of unskilled work force could leave the farm and earn more money. Thats how the middle class was built. You first need to build a foundation.

  6. You make a good point here. Yet there are people in my country, for instance, who create their own culture and technology, but millions of Irish people are Americanized despite their homegrown culture. I'm sure that would breed animosity in the few of us who are on some level aware they've forgotten what it is to be Irish. East Ireland experienced that with the British before.