25 War Heroes You Probably Never Heard Of

25 War Heroes You Probably Never Heard Of

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There’s a lot of factors and a lot of sacrifice that goes into the makes of a War Hero. War heroes, like Paul Revere, are well known. However, there are also war heroes that a lot of people have never heard of. Unheralded as they maybe, they are worthy of commendation for very few people are willing to endure what these 25 war heroes you probably never heard of have endured.


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Here’s a preview:

Second Lieutenant Rajeev Sandhu
Ivar B. Knudsen
Vicente Lim
Allan McLane
General Muhammadu Shuwa
“Mad” Anne Bailey
Private Austin Dabney
Eugene Bullard
John “Jimmy” Thach
Joe Foss
Knud Christiansen
Muhammad Mahmood Alam
Sergeant Reckless
Ira Hayes
Michael Patrick Murphy
Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Ricthofen
Talaiasi Labalaba
Chiune Sugihara
Tommy Prince
Yang Genkui
White Vision
Van Cliburn
Daniel Inouye
Billy Bishop
Dmitry Donskoy


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  1. Laura Secord overheard US military plans while working as a maid for an American General. Being born in upper Canada she wanted to warn the Canadian militia. She hiked for 3 days to warn general Brock of the impending attack in the war of 1812. Because of her the Canadian Militia was able to mount a defence, and ultimately win the war

  2. Seriously dude, work on the annunciation. The last video you said "sage" instead of "siege." Where is the other guy? How about Pat Tillman? Gives up a multi million dollar NFL contract to go into the army and become a ranger. He ends up getting killed by friendly fire.

  3. You either need to educate yourself or you're a complete liar, Bishop second only to the Red Baron! I don't think so, Erich Hartman had 352 kills in WWII and the list of German pilots with over 100 kills during WWII is pages long including my relative Hienz Marquardt with 121 kills and shot down 8 times!
    You and other amateurs like yourself do all these men a GREAT disservice by posting videos with NO basis in fact!
    You should do the honorable thing and remove this video and check your facts before you do another or would you rather people just believe in your rhetoric and lies!
    Anything short of this action would lead me to believe that you are callous and despicable!

  4. Great info, but your pronunciation is atrocious. You really need to look up how to properly pronounce the words you use. It sort of kills your credibility. I'm not trying to be rude but give you some constructive criticism. Keep up the good work but step up your pronunciation game a little and you got it!

  5. Correction: Billy Bishop was third to the Red Baron with the most kills for he had 72 kills. Rene Paul Fronck was second to the Red Baron with 75 kills
    Correction: So you're gonna put the pigeon, White Noise that saved 11 lives, but not put the messenger pigeon, Cher Ami that saved over 100 lives?!
    Correction: Pvt. Henry Lincoln Johnson of the 369th U.S infantry regiment known as the Harlem Hellfighters isn't on this list?!

  6. You forgot the person (who's name I forgot) who didn't let the Soviet submarine fire a nuclear missile. He saved the world. Or what about the Cobras Fumantes? Who killed 52/100 Germans with bullets then when they ran out of ammo they attached bayonetes to their guns and charged in.

  7. I guess YOU have never heard of a Kiwi (NZ) guy who got TWO Victoria Crosses as a combatant, Charles Upham. You clearly included non-Americans in your list so why not some REAL heroes? FFS, the guy was awarded what is the equivalent of a Congressional Medal of Honor TWICE!