25 Ways That Quantum Mechanics Changed Our View Of Reality

25 Ways That Quantum Mechanics Changed Our View Of Reality

Quantum Mechanics is one of the breakthroughs in science that enabled scientists to explain phenomena at the level of atomic and sub-atomic particles. As the Quantum theory progressed, the more “mysteries” it begin to tackle which prompted Einstein to say, “the more success the quantum theory has, the sillier it looks.” It’s no surprise that quantum mechanics has had a huge impact on our view of reality, see what we mean with these 25 ways that quantum mechanics changed our view of the universe.

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Everything we know stands in a theory
The universe may be a hologram
The more technology improves, the more imprecise innovations become
Light can be controlled and concentrated for different functions
Randomness can be calculated and predicted
Objects behave differently when measured
There exists more than one universe
There is more than one dimension
Reality is an application of Holodynamics
Light is an object that can be consumed and disintegrated
Electromagnetic field current can be controlled
Light can be used for certain electronic devices to function
Jewel like geometry challenges deeply held notions of quantum physics
Light can be used as transportation
The sun’s light can be used for other technologies
Electricity can now be used internally in medicine
There is a particle that gives mass to even the tiniest forms of matter
Liquids can defy the force of gravity
People can travel through time backwards or forward
Data can now be transferred faster than ever before
Air turbulence can be controlled

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  1. I wish people would stop saying we atheists, or us fellow atheists. First off I don't know any of you jerk offs and second don't bring an entire group of people into your petty arguments. People believe stupid shit, have four thousands of years. Doesn't mean you gotta ponder on the same dumb shit. It's like that amazing atheist guy. He talks about god more than the pope and he`s the one who doesn't believe. I get it your atheist, so are half the people I associate with. Only difference is we have good intelligent conversation and don't feel the need to reiterate that we're atheists.

  2. i like your videos but this one is so incredibly unscientific 😀

    amazing how people start discussions about religion out of a video about quantum mechanics lol
    for all who didnt get it yet: bashing certain groups for religious or whatever reasons sucks and is the reason why most sober people dont even look at the comment section more often than once in a year

  3. This "innerspace" is another frontier to be explored.

    This is just a gut feeling,  but I often think that once we figure out how to modulate data using the quantum entanglement. by opening microscopic worm holes or through parallel universes . we could make contact with countless civilizations.

    to explain a little.   quote:
    "Quantum entanglement is a quantum mechanical phenomenon in which the quantum states of two or more objects have to be described with reference to each other, even though the individual objects may be spatially separated."

    In other words,  you can transmit data from one place to another,  without radio or optics.   this has been proven to work
    the big question so far is,  whether this data is faster than light, or at the same speed.   in either case,  even "if" its is not traveling faster than light,  it would still be a great leap forward in communication because there would not be any decay in signal strength compared to radio waves.    in my opinion, no advanced civilization would use radio waves for communication over long distances.

    It is possible that quantum entanglement is already the result of microscopic wormholes

    In the Star Trek universe,  the "Federation" has a prime directive,  that states that contact with new civilizations should only be done when that civilization/planet  has obtained warp drive capabilities.

    I do not believe we have to go that far,  as soon as we are able to create a communication device that can transmit data faster than light across the universe., we may find millions of civilizations already chatting with one another.

    In the worse case scenario,  we could create our own microscopic black holes in the lab, and use quantum communication through these extra dimensions. 

    So , discovering new worlds may not require a starship, and warp drive,  we may very well be on the verge of something wonderful .

  4. Quantum physics is really a hard sciene to understand and to study, but I cant see how that can change humanity so many ways.and basically explain some enigmas that has been long wondered.

  5. It is mentioned that quantum mechanics is related to the idea that if you had enough information of the world you can predict everything that is going to happen. If I'm not mistaken, quantum mechanics is a theory of randomness, where nothing can be predicted and everything is just a wave of probability.

  6. I am a Christian, but I still study all of this and believe it. However I see it as the way God put the universe together. I am NOT trying to start any debates. If you are truly intelligent you will not reply to this with a nasty comment with cussing and capitol letters. If you don't agree with me, I am willing to talk about it, but not get in a nasty argument. I respect what you believe. Now sit back and instead of arguing, gain more knowledge and admire our amazing universe!

  7. This is why I believe in God. So much incredibly complex phenomena we can't explain, or understand. Then there's that point about how 'nothing's truly random'; all points to a creator for me.

  8. DUDE – FAIL! The word is pronounced "mack-row", not "make-row." Successful narration is not just a matter of reading words, it also requires that one have at least some understanding of what they're reading and know how to pronounce words properly. If in doubt, go to the Merriam-Webster site and listen to the pronunciation of unfamiliar words  before you record.

  9. If only he was a little more accurate… The Higgs boson doesn't give mass to particles, interactions with the Higgs field do this. The boson is simply a byproduct of energizing the field. Besides, most of a massive object's mass doesn't come from these interactions; only a few grams. Most of my or your mass comes from the energy of the strong interaction.

  10. This vid is just a list of quantum related junk. There's no depth nor explanation. 
    I suppose if the business model is just to get views, this will work, But as entertainment or education, it fails.

  11. its not the black hole that absorbs all visible light, it is space itself.
    maybe we CAN make exact copies, if we slowed down(supercooled) the objects atoms, so that we DO know where they are, frozen in place.
    God particles fill up space, they just cant hold enough temperature or energy to ever emit enough quanta humans can separate from its surroundings in one absolute position.
    nothing moves through time, we invented it and agreed upon its duration. time is additive….. based on our planet around our star. if i came here from another planet, i would have my own sense of time based on my own planets movement around its own local star. time travel is not possible and will not ever be, we would have already known if it ever became possible.

  12. Cult of Quantum is based upon Atomistic BS of Einstein and fellow Cultists who dream up "unicorn particles" that only exist on paper and their minds, but not in reality

    Its a sick religion with no basis in reality

  13. LawnBowlerUK – Atheists are stuck in an old-fashioned Newtonian model of the universe. No matter what scientific model you work with, the origin of the fountain of energy that continuously gives rise to results of our measurements, life and everything, remains a huge mystery. Consciousness itself remains a mystery. Yeah, atheists are weird, pronouncing knowledge of the unknown. Atheists want to deny that other ways of tuning into the universe are valid, only their narrow and rigid ways. Sad. Limited. Ridiculous. Atheists are tone deaf and colourblind and accuse anyone who can hear the music and see the colours of worshipping a flying spaghetti monster, LOL.

  14. zane pritchett – You have every right to be a Christian. Quantum mechanics and no field of science touches upon spiritual questions. All they do is create a model of a part of the universe for the purpose of prediction and control. Their concepts, models and paradigms are continuously being updated and replaced. Classical physics and quantum mechanics are just two ways of MODELLING the phenomenon. Quantum mechanics covers the same area as classical physics but is more precise, can make better predictions and offers greater control. What this background fountain of energy that gives rise to the results of measurements we make classically or quantumly or any other way is, is a mystery. Perhaps in the future, someone will come up with a better model and we will use that instead. It's an ongoing process of improved model-making towards improved prediction and control – in a we-don't-know-what (the world) by a we-don't-know-what (our consciousness, care, will) – not a proposition on "truth" in any complete, exclusive, final way. Cheers!