25 Strange Phenomena Within This Decade That Have Yet To Be Explained

25 Strange Phenomena Within This Decade That Have Yet To Be Explained

From antiquity to today, science has been man’s ultimate tool in the attempt to understand how the natural world works, with empirical evidence as the basis of that understanding. However, many cases have been recorded in which even science can’t reasonably explain certain natural phenomena which some might refer to as miracles, and which others call unexplained mysteries. Of course, we won’t try to explain any of these strange phenomena, but instead list 25 of the most shocking that have occurred during the first half of this decade. So, can you explain any of these strange phenomena?

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The Harbour Mille incident
Man becomes math genius after being punched in the head
Dozens of turtles died in Florida
Human-like flying creature sighted in Chile
A three-year-old gives creepy details about the person who killed him in his past life
Bone-shaped rock photographed on Mars
A young man who’s trapped in his own “déjà vu” for ages
The gigantic ice ring in Antarctica
Young man wakes up on fire
The weird case of a Lake Michigan shipwreck
Missing beach suddenly reappears overnight
“Human shadow” photographed on Mars
Icebergs have their own sound signatures
Fireball UFO sighted over South America
Woman has 1,000 near-death experiences
Strange clouds formed over Panama City Beach, Florida
Apocalyptic sounds were heard throughout Costa Rica
“Extinct” deer turns up alive in Vietnam
The twelve-year-old unable to feel thirst or hunger
A mysterious diamond-filled rock found in Russia
Billions of weird creatures invade US beaches
Mysterious red glow spotted over the Pacific
Fish washed ashore in Norway on New Year’s Eve and then disappeared
The “blue sphere shower”
It rains dead birds from the sky in Arkansas


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  1. I only know two people who have really changed for the better after a brain injury; my friend and I. I used to be a rebellious teen getting into trouble which continued to adult life. Then I got into a near fatal car accident and I turned into a 4.0 gpa Honors student who earned several certs like LPIC-1, A+, CCNA, MCITP. and was being recruited by Google, Microsoft, and Facebook for network administration. Im not trying to brag, just proud. Thats really good compared to the point in time police held my family at home for a bit because they weren't sure to send me to the hospital, or the morgue.

  2. Hey!! How is that I lived right next to parque Bustamante, and what are the odds of that shit, wtf. I never herd that but alot cocaine is dealt there. Plus stgo is literally the real city that never sleeps, well I'm out, this shit is way to odd for me, viva chile and all buck fuck.

  3. What if the deads black birds had something to do with the fact it was new years and they were probably lighting up the sky with fireworks? Maybe the fireworks hit them, maybe it just heavily stressed them out and they died….? Lmk what you think

  4. Well the dead black birds or #1 have been solved. Loud booms from celebrating fireworks sent the scared birds into flight at night. Then the birds simply flew into objects and that is how they got the blunt forced trauma and died. This is why birds dont fly at night only bats do.

  5. In the late 1970's while sailing just off the coast of Santa Cruz CA, we encountered a mass of those blue jelly's so big it took a good 4 to 5 minutes to pass through them. Over the past 40 years I've seen 100's beached. But nothing ever like that day. Thanks List 25.

  6. The explanation on that deer is if you're believed to be extinct (all dead, no more alive) then hopefully they have stopped looking for you especially after what 70 yrs or whatever. So with that does it not kinda make you question the existince of other species ability to have yet be officially discovered…..? Even if it is always being looked for…….? Just a thought

  7. At 8 years of age, I correctly directed my aunt to her brother in law's (opposite uncle) house, even though I had never been there before. It was 200 miles away from my home, in a state I had never been to in my life up to that point. Weird, huh?

  8. It's been 4 years, I think an update video on these specific cases would be interesting.
    Specifically since this was decade based and we're in the last year for this decade.

  9. Almost all of this list has since been explained, there are no genuine conspiracies therein. Some of the ideas mentioned be "experts" had nothing to do with current real expert opinions.

  10. One time I got really super high and then inhaled an ash on accident and I was really paranoid that I was going to burst out in flames from the inside because of the ash and then it actually happened to that poor dude