Tank Chats #8 Renault FT-17 | The Tank Museum

Tank Chats #8 Renault FT-17 | The Tank Museum

Tank Chats playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBAEOsdxIbLPFEomzphaZQ0A5Vujkpjd8 The eight in a series of short films about some of the vehicles in our collection presented by The Tank Museum’s historian David Fletcher MBE.

Conceived by General Jean-Baptiste Estienne and manufactured under the control of the Renault Company this was the world’s first mass-produced tank, 3800 being built in all.

They went into action for the first time on 31 May 1918 near Ploissy-Chazelle and proved very successful when they were used in numbers. British forces used a few Renaults as liaison vehicles while the United States Army used them in combat and copied the design.

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  1. There’s also one French platoon commanded by a Brazilian lieutenant. After the war he bring those tanks to home and become the first South American Armored Force! My respect to Lieutenant José Pessoa!

  2. An amazing little tank. I could listen to Mr. Fletcher's tank chats for days. I hope he and David Willey were respectfully mobbed for signatures at Tank Fest. I wouldn't miss that opportunity for the world. Thank you.

  3. Patton was leading his battalion of Renaults into the attack on foot. Without radios, his only way to give orders was to run to a leading tank and pound on it. This was while under intense enemy fire. Finally, a German round caught him in the butt, spun him around and threw him into a shell crater. He nearly bled to death before being rescued. Patton probably deserved a MOH for that one.

  4. OMG I was saying this was the Centurion of WW1 and I see this and it actually was the Centurion of WW1 in the fact in the 1940's it was still being used. This has now truly become my favourite tank of all time 😀 😀 😀

  5. Everyone seems to consider this the first example of using a turret on an armoured vehicle, but the Rolls Royce armoured cars had them in 1915 and, I suspect, they were not the first. Doesn't it count unless it has tracks?

  6. Dans les années 1990, il y en avait un, sans sa tourelle, dans l'usine Renault de Issy-les-Moulineaux qui a du servir de "tracteur" (jusqu'à quand?). Qui a des infos?

  7. The US license built version was the Seven Ton Rank M1917. In 1940 they were sold to Canada and used as training tanks .It wasn't until after WW2 that the US Army realized it had no examples of its first AFV put into a museum…..Until ….The US invaded Afghanistan and – amazingly – found four in ORIGINAL FRENCH PAINT on a scrap heap hear Kabul. They were airlifted back to the US and restored



  8. Lol we have in Spain at least one in working condition, at the Goloso base (if im recall well) idk right now… but there are here sice the rift war so they are pretty old…. and at the same time Cute.

    We have to agree that its a cute little tonk!