25 Social Media Fools Who Got Busted On Facebook

25 Social Media Fools Who Got Busted On Facebook

Social media has become a wonderful tool for keeping in touch with friends and family. But it also has its downsides, as some people have come to learn the hard way. From Italian mob bosses who are Facebook addicts to football cheerleaders who draw swastikas on friends at parties, social media has become an increasingly dangerous place for people who break the law or act inappropriately (sometimes directly violating their company’s social media policies) to post their actions. We thought we were addicted to the largest social networking site in the world, but after seeing some of these social media knuckleheads (check out #3!) our addiction seems pretty harmless. Whatever you do, avoid ending up like these 25 Social Media Fools Who Got Busted On Facebook.

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These fools got busted via Social Media…

Italian mob boss and one of Italy’s 100 most-wanted criminals, Pasquale Manfredi was arrested by local police due to his Facebooking habits. Manfredi was an avid Facebooker, logging in rather often, which led police to trace his internet key and bust him at his own apartment.

Virgin Atlantic fired 13 employees for insulting passengers by calling them “chavs” in a Facebook group. The employees also joked about the plane engines’ safety and said the cabin was full of cockroaches. These social media idiots learned the hard way that work problems should be kept off social media!

Most people love beach vacations, including Maxi Sopo. Seattle resident Sopo made sure to let all his Facebook friends know what a good time he was having in Cancun – after defrauding banks out of $200,000. He was later arrested and extradited back to the States.

San Diego Chargers cornerback Antonio Cromartie was fined $2,500 for complaining about the “most nasty food of any team” at their training camp, even implying it was the reason they weren’t winning a Super Bowl.

You may think you’re addicted to Facebook but you don’t come close to West Virginian Jonathan G. Parker. While robbing two diamond rings from a woman’s home, Parker logged into Facebook – probably to check his news feed and like a lolcat video. The trouble was he logged in on the woman’s computer; she found an unknown profile logged in when she arrived home which she reported to the police whom quickly tracked Parker down.

This social media nut wasn’t busted just by his boss but also by the police! Bronx resident Jason A. Steward posted an angry, drunken rant about his supervisor, threatening to blow the boss’s head off. Police arrested Steward and charged him with a felony for making a terrorist threat and two misdemeanors of aggravated harassment.

Parents have to juggle a rough line between being strict and playing it cool. Ohioan Teacher’s Aide Mary Ellen Hause was arrested for letting three cheerleaders drink at her house with her teenage son. A school official found pictures of the teens’ shindig on Facebook and Hause was sentenced to 30 days in jail, a $500 fine, and three years of alcohol possession or consumption prohibition.

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  1. My niece (age 16) got busted on FB because she uploaded a pic of herself holding a half empty bottle of liqueur with the following written under the pic "I am SO wasted!! LOL!!". When her school's diving coach saw the pic he immediately demoted her from being the team diving leader to just a regular diver. She could have lost any chance for future college diving scholarships had that coach removed her from the diving team. Fortunately, he didn't and this week she started college a little bit wiser and with a scholarship for her diving skills. (Oh, to be young and stupid again….sigh….) 😀

  2. for the waitress who got fired for being there 3 hours after do to assholes…i understand her anger. just cause a restaurant closes at 9 doesnt mean it was set that way so we can keep seating people at 9. of course most restaurants will cause they dont want any bad publicity or anything but when i was kitchen manager at a restaurant if you were not in the door getting seated by 8:30 the only thing you could order was to-go off an ala cart menu cause most the time there wont be a guest for over an hour before closing and most the crew has gotten things clean and broke down to make the closing easier..when you asshats walk into the door at 8:59 and expect to be seated and sit there 2-3 hours longer just bullshitting with your friends. just be glad you didnt walk into my restaurant. cause your going home hungry and angry.

  3. "Acquiescent Stooges Steadfastly Holding Onto Life's Established Sophistries."  An acronym I created to describe those individuals who are not critical thinkers, who do not question the "official" version of events, and who blindly follow the flag bearer even unto their deaths.  Most of which are the result of the indoctrination, conditioning and intimidation system that is public education.

  4. And maybe stop being a dickhead if you're a boss and stumble across one of your employees shittalking you on social media. It's very likely that the employee has a point and you're simply being an asshole for no good reason.

  5. These people are dumb. Everyone knows that youtube is where you go to anonymously insult others.
    FB requires real names.
    But if all social media required correct home addresses as well, comment sections would be much calmer.
    I know, not a good idea at all. It's not a suggestion. Merely an observation.
    People tend to talk loud from an assumed safe place. lol Face to face discussion has very different results.