Hyperloop – The Future of Travel?

Hyperloop - The Future of Travel?

Rloop are currently just under 50% of the way to their funding goal with just 2 weeks left. If you would like to contribute to their cause you can follow this link:


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Thank you to the Rloop team for allowing me to use their footage.

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  1. I used to imagine that this was, like, a thing where you go inside a little tube that connects to everywhere else and you just get propelled to wherever you want.

  2. you can tell how much public opinion on the hyperloop has changed in just 5 years. Just click on 'most recent' comments and it's a wholly different world than the ones posted 5 years ago. Kind of disappointing. I don't think we should dismiss the hyperloop as a concept just yet, but it's sad that people no longer have hope in these things.

  3. What good is a fan in near vacuum? How much energy is needed to create a near vacuum in a tube hundreds of miles long? How do you keep a near vacuum tube, hundreds of miles long, from collapsing under atmospheric pressure?

  4. have anyone thought that if you are using pods there will be congestion in the station, logistical problems and an increasing cost of building and maintenance ?

  5. The biggest problem I see is pulling and more importantly holding that deep of a vacuum in miles of tube. this was the kiss of death to all previous attempts to use an evacuated tube system

  6. Most ridiculous and nightmarish idea EVER! Construction, operating, and maintenance cost would be astronomical – and it could never achieve high reliability.

    Some stupid ideas – like the Hyperloop – should just be put to bed before crazy amounts of money are wasted trying to build and operate them.

  7. Just because something is TECHNICALLY possible, doesn’t mean that it is ECONOMICALLY possible. Would a Hyperloop work? Yes. Will it ever be built and be used by humans? NO! Absolutely not! The costs are STAGGERING, and it will never make any money.

    This channel may as well make dumb videos about Death Stars, Warp drives, Tie Fighters, and Dyson Spheres. Those are things that might be technically possible, but will likely NEVER be built due to exorbitant costs.

  8. Here we are 5 years on from this video. Years beyond the due date of hyperloop. Hyperloop has barely advanced what so ever from 5 years ago.

    And thunderfoots video criticising hyperloop so far has been proven mostly correct. That the idea of hyperloop is riddled with flaws. And will likely never become a thing.

  9. Being inside a massive vacuum chamber sounds like a very bad idea in case of an accident. Any time the pod ruptures everyone inside suffocates unless they can recharge the loop pressure extremely quickly.

  10. Energy is confined force, and the spherical photon is a quantum of energy.
    Wind tunnel travel is a chance to mimic the photon propagation technique for a cab. It's fast, safe and very efficient. SJRTC.