Curious Droid – Paul Shillito Patreon Announcement

Curious Droid – Paul Shillito Patreon Announcement

Yes, I now have a Patreon page.
Now from $1, not the $3 as stated in the video.

If you enjoy the videos we make you can now become a patron to not only help us make more great videos but also enjoy great benefits like having your name in the video description, even getting your name in the end credits of every new video.

For those of you who have been asking about a 1 off direct payment then I have a page here

Patreon : :


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Curious Droid


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  1. I just Patreoned (within my budget). You're the second person I have supported through Patreon. I'm very picky on where my meagre income is invested. Thanks Paul for your awesomely entertaining productions. EDIT: I LUUURRRV that shirt man!

  2. You're my first patreon. Even though its not much i hope it helps. love the content and the shirts lol. Keep up the great work. Much love from Canada 🙂

  3. A little tip for you. Add a $1 stage that is just "Compensation for using adblock"

    There will be a lot of fans choosing this. And many people spending a small amount will also result in a lot of money.

  4. If I may ask, do you have any partners/employees or are you a one man army?

    Regarding the 1$-to-disable-adblock comment: There are certain adblocks that let you whitelist specific youtube channels, just as another alternative to support your favourite creators 😉

  5. i will support this channel as long as it keeps sticking to space, astronomy and cool history/facts about the missions performed by space agencies. Love your vids man, keep up to great work!!

  6. Curious! First off, I love your videos! Thanks for keeping Apollo alive, and fresh in the minds of all, especially the youth who happen upon your channel. You should even talk in schools, you'd be really good. Okay, now, I'm "very curious" … where do you find the neat shirts!? They're even kinda retro! I "like" !! 🙂

  7. This is excellent! I use Patreon to support creators I really like, and it is so darn easy to use.

    But I agree with those who suggest a $1 pledge level as well. I can't afford much for each content creator – I'm already supporting almost two dozen (mostly youtube channels) – but I'll gladly contribute what I can to each one. In fact, I have had to choose not to support a couple I really like who only offered pledge levels that I felt were above my budget. Which is a shame!

  8. Mate I love your channel and have been subscribed for a long time but I can't afford to support you on Patreon as I'm skint. I hope you get supporters though.

  9. I love your videos. Your passion, knowledge of subject matter and wonderful presentation style shine through in every video. I have learnt so much from you and am happy to make a small contribution so you may continue doing what you love.

  10. Sir, I am willing to help with that because among all the scientific and technical channels I am subscribed to, I really can see the great effort and passion you put in those videos.

  11. I am very sad to see that intellectuals like Paul Shillito are forced to appeal to the people for financial contributions. Even though his knowledge and research is impressive, I am very astonished to see why such financial crisis takes place. I shall try my best to support his channel.

  12. I hope to soon. I do click like on yer vids. I'm a small business owner so I have to save for everything. even if its a $5 donation I still have to save. I love your vids I think youre one of the best orators of all time really

  13. YouTube really should consider adding an option to let the viewers decide which channels they want to be shown ads, for example channels one is subscribed to. That way, one : we can prevent ads being shown in all those BS videos, two : so that we can disable AdBlock on the domain thus helping only the channels we like who produce quality content. I use AdBlock; but I pause it whenever I watch my favorite channels like Curious Droid, GreatScott! etc, and I watch more on YouTube app (only the channels I like) than I do on PC. I also disable it on my favorite websites. Sometimes I intentionally refresh videos in order for an ad to show up, and I never skip them. That's my way of helping creators like you 🙂

  14. Just pledged $1 p.m – I'll still continue to watch ads anyway, as long as they don't keep on repeating themselves lol – good luck – as always great content, great channel, Paul.

  15. If Paul Shillito's hard work, quality animation, deep research, and amazing interviews aren't enough to make you give to his patreon page….his over the top eye blasting shirt deserves the donation at least.

  16. I just became a Patreon myself because this channel has content I'm actually willing to pay for. there's so much junk on TV these days, and if they show something I wanna watch it's usually at an impractical time. Here I can watch well made, well narrated videos about topics that interest me. Keep up the good work. 😀

  17. I'll send you $20 to go buy you a decent looking shirt. Is that like left over from the &70's or what???? I can hardly bear looking at that shirt and pay attention to your normally very informative video content.

  18. Oh god, Paul, I'm sorry this is out of subject, weren't you representing shaving videos before ? I remember your last video was about merkur gold razor. It's nice to see you representing scientific stuff.