25 Most EMBARRASSING Technological Failures

25 Most EMBARRASSING Technological Failures

There have been some epic technological failures in recent times. But then again, is to be expected. Technology is a very competitive field. In the process of companies rushing to be the best, first, flashiest, of their products, they are bound to make…mistakes. Check out these 25 most embarrassing technological failures.

Just because a technology is a good idea, it does not mean is going to be successful. Today’s list is filled with tech that for the most part were great ideas…but just did not make the cut. Either their marketing was off, or their timing, or they misread the demand. Whatever the reason may be, these technologies failed. Check out some of these embarrassing technological failures (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below why you think these failed.


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Do you remember the Oakley THUMP sunglasses? Don’t worry if you don’t, because for an item that was supposed to be the next big thing, it simply wasn’t. Speaking of glasses, whatever happened to Google glass? It failed. That’s what happened. Mind you, it has found new uses but the original vision behind the glasses never truly came to be. Here’s another failure: MySpace. At one time, THIS was THE social media outlet…but they lost to Facebook (though Tom is not complaining). Why did these products fail? Ultimately, people didn’t buy them or just lost interest in them. Check out these 25 most embarrassing technological failures.

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  1. Like the show. But disagree that Pebble failed. It was the first truly functional smart watch and was an awesome product. Owners sold out. Don’t blame them but wouldn’t call it a failure by any means. I miss Pebble!

  2. Um no the note 7s issues were the battery and the lack of rugged testing by Samsung. Yes samsung fucked up with that one but they rectified the problem once the note 8 was released and that phone went through the same battery tests as the galaxy s8. I talked to a guy who works for samsung cause i needed to know how to sell the note 8 after the battery incident. The batteries in the note 7 had a bubble in them which just expanded over time until it eventually burst, the problem came from the new battery manufacture they tried to use as well as the not so rugged testing i mentioned before. But again Samsung bounced back from it and the note line didnt go down with the note 7

  3. how does any1 watch this idiot, calling dreamcast an embarrasing failure is enough for me to know he has no clue wat he is talking about. and id almost pay to see him wear a flannel shirt, cuz if he did im sure tim the tool man taylor would set him straight.

  4. TiVo was no failure, and they didn't work against cable companies. It was the go-to standalone DVR for cable before they started making their own integrated DVRs, and was the DirecTV platform for almost a decade before DTV got greedy and dropped them to make their own (inferior) DVR. I'd still use it if it were still available.

  5. There was also the PSPgo..smaller version of the PSP with games that could be only downloaded. They said is was small and easy to take anywhere.. isnt that what the PSP stands for and it's advantage?

    And many people were downloading anyway .

    And a non technology disaster .. the Coca Cola dark/black

  6. The ceeusee me chat rooms in the early 2000s. The chat vids were slow and some vids on the grid always froze. It wanted to be what Skype has done with reunion shows

  7. I used to make all my mix CDs with music from Napster, I used to have a Myspace page…if I'm not mistaken it's still out there somewhere, wish I would have saved my pics to one hard drive instead of uploading pics from my phone to the page bc several yrs ago I tried to save some pics from Myspace and basically only got a thumbnail.