25 Most HORRIBLE Black Friday Disasters You Won't Believe Happened

25 Most HORRIBLE Black Friday Disasters You Won't Believe Happened

Black Friday disasters are just a few days away. That may sound a bit negative but unfortunately, they happen every year! People race to retail stores to take advantage of Black Friday deals but in the process; they trample, shoot, and fight with other people to secure discounted items. It’s sad when you sit down and think about it. On today’s list, we’re going to look at the 25 most horrible Black Friday disasters you won’t believe happened. Let’s hope these disasters stop happening.

It’s that time of the year where we’re all grateful for a host of things…and then we rush to stores to take advantage of discounted items. The problem however is when people get so bent on securing these deals, that they are willing to hurt other people to do so. This happens EVERY year. Check out some of the horrible things that have happened on Black Friday (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below what you think we can do to prevent these disasters from happening.


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A woman cutting line at the store and then threatening to shoot whoever had a problem with it. Customers in Florida fighting over GPS devices. Men shooting at each other over Toys R’ Us merchandise. People walking over an elderly woman who had been knocked down. These are all horrible stories from Black Friday events but sadly are not the worst. Is a discounted item really worth causing harm to others? For some people, it is. Check out these 25 most horrible Black Friday disasters you won’t believe happened.

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  1. straight no punches held-that woman had every right to enter any store even on that day. seems to me people need to more compassion and patience. i wouldnt think going into a walmart on a black friday would cost someone their childs life. what does this say about our society when they say she should have known better? personally i havent went to a black friday in decades but that doesnt mean i am going to act any different than how i am now and if i see someone in distress im sure as hell gonna stop to aid them. just because its a black friday sale shouldnt mean you leave your morals and common decency at the door.

  2. I was working as black Friday security in a Walmart….in Florida…and I had to break up several fights, both fights involved women. They both were over cutting in line. In both cases a woman came into the store, found a friend who was already in line, and claimed they had just gone to the restroom and were returning to their place in line. We had the local police on standby and both women in each case were arrested and removed from the store. This was in 2004.

  3. Nope! I never go shopping on Black Friday. Back in 1983 in my home town, a grandmother, A GRANDMOTHER, clobbered a little 6 y/o girl to get the last Cabbage Patch doll away from her at either a Sears or a JC Penney's store. Just seeing that one on the local news was enough to convince me to never go shopping on Black Friday. I don't need to be going to jail for beating the shit out of an adult I saw coldcocking a child. Nope-nope-nope.

  4. I use to work for WM and during BF I wanted a cattle prod for crowd control. Our store wasn't that bad, most people were pretty mellow. It makes me sad Christmas has become SOOO commercialized and they start set up displays even before Halloween.

  5. My grandmother goes to Black Friday, she got a ps4 and someone knocked her down, but she instantly got back up and left Walmart with a ps4 in her arm lol

  6. I never go to any black friday, because I have a brain, and sites like Amazon exists.

    Black Friday is the one day that you see the true side of people, and it's not a pretty sight indeed.

  7. It's not surprising as Black Friday has been known to bring out the worst in people. People would do anything in order to get things cheaper, even trample others. People, let me introduce you to online shopping. The only time I go shopping on Black Friday is if I really need something right away (having to replace something important for example but try to avoid going out on that day as much as possible.
    Also a friendly remember that not everyone is bad or crazy either (most aren't, you just hear more about the bad than the good as it makes for bigger stories and all that. Also remember bigger cities also means more people in general. Usually smaller places aren't as bad or crazy, it's just really over crowded). There are still good people out there and people need to be reminded of that. News flash, you and I people too. I don't suck, that's kind of an horrible thing to assume.

  8. Some people are just ignorant and stupid a lot of that s*** I would have done some s*** about it and give a f*** I will try to beat up the motherfukers then with the kid you get a ride by punching that piece of s*** dude I'll give you props for that