V Bombers – Vulcan, Victor & Valiant – The Last British Bombers

V Bombers - Vulcan, Victor & Valiant - The Last British Bombers

It took just 11 years to go from the first flight of the Lancaster Bomber in 1941 to the first flight of the VX770, the prototype Vulcan bomber in 1952. Yet the difference between them could hardly be greater, the Vulcan along with the Victor and Valiant were a new generation of the new planes known as the “V” bombers, planes for a new era and a newly, nuclear-armed Britain.

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Presented by Paul Shillito

Written and Researched by Andy Munzer

Additional material by Paul Shillito

Images and footage: Avro, Handley-Page, Vickers-Armstrong
Jim Debinham, Pathe.

Music – Machiotil by Seclorance is licensed under an Attribution License.
Source : http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Seclorance/Canin/Seclorance_-_Canin_-_01_Machiotil


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  1. "… back in 1947 the government put the tender out to three companies: Avro, Handley Page, and Vickers Armstrong…"

    These days the local pub landlord, or retired jockeys, are more likely to get the contract.

  2. May I suggest that the Falklands bombing run wasn't really a 'success' due to the fact that from the reconnaissance photos one/two bombs only, hit the runway…. Logistically a success, but not militarily. Forgive my post.

  3. No mention of the low radar signal of the Vulcan. A result of the buried engines and the blending of the wing and the fuselage. In tests in the USA the low radar signal meant some mock attacks were completed before the USAAF was aware of the presence of the Vulcans

  4. The Victor probably had the most advanced wing, that "crescent shaped wing," I think they call it. It's been years, but if I remember right, it had the critical mach number showing up across the entire wing at the same time. I'm rusty at this. Still, why that wing has not been used on airliners, I'll never know.

  5. I always loved the Vulcan.
    One of the coolest aircraft ever built.
    I was glad to be able to see them fly when I was stationed in the UK, and visited the IWM at Duxsford.
    Saw XJ 824 there, if I remember correctly.

    Without question, the Vulcan was the most beautiful & awesome of the
    The Valiant & Victor were ugly, yet the Vulcan was absolutely stunning!
    I was fortunate to actually be able to see Vulcan fly, as I recall that they were already removed from service by ‘85?
    -correct me if I’m wrong, I thought they were retired by 1982 or 1984.

    Anyway, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that.
    -I sure hope I don’t!