Why Spiderman 2 Is The Best Superhero Movie

Why Spiderman 2 Is The Best Superhero Movie

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There is one reason Spiderman 2 is better than every other superhero movie. In this video essay I explain what that is…

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  1. The sacrifice of Spider-Man 1 is him turning down MJ, despite already winning her over. Maybe you missed it because it happened at the end of the movie and not directly after the bridge scene.

  2. This video is merely a revelation of what my subconscious already knew about this movie. Brought tears to my eyes
    (The subtle loop of the music from the movie probably helps with the reminiscence)

  3. The dual scenes of Aunt May learning the truth of Ben's death serve another purpose that movies in general forget these days: emotional contrast.
    People are creatures of contrast. We recognize things most strongly by their opposites. It's right down to our biology – contrasting colors make things stand out to us, a light spot in the darkness draws our eyes and commands our attention. Spider-Man 2 hits us with the hardest gut punch ever – it makes us think Peter's lost the one source of unconditional love and support by revealing the truth. It makes us think that doing the right thing cost him everything and has left him totally alone.
    It lets us think this for three whole scenes, giving us enough time to really feel that despair. Then it gives us the relief of Aunt May calling him back to thank him for telling her the truth so that she could stop blaming herself, because it was what she desperately needed, even if it left her so emotionally distraught she couldnt' continue the conversation right there.
    A director with a less deft touch at scripting would have had her feel glad to learn it and thank him in the same scene, which would have denied us the feeling of pain and loss. It would have killed the effect because by feeling that negative emotion, it makes the emotional high of her thanking him feel that much stronger.
    Because as cliche as it sounds to say it, you really don't know how good life is until you also experience how bad it is. You need the lows to feel the highs. That's why most movies you see today just feel like lukewarm soup. They're afraid to give us the lows and in so doing deny us the highs, resulting in a story that is just an emotional flat-line.

  4. I feel like I a lot of people give MJ slack, but that’s only because you’re watching the movie from Peter’s prospective. So you’re almost not shown how Peter is truly affecting her. We are shown more how Peter feels because of his actions.