How do spacecraft navigate in space ?

How do spacecraft navigate in space ?
How do spacecraft navigate in space over billions of kilometers and with split second timing during missions that last for years or decades. Here we look at how its done and the underlying principles that make it all possible.

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  1. uncountable stars and planets are there…. they have gravitational force…. but all the forces failed to stop it's travel way…. or any planet comes its way how it dozed…. in the name of almighty god "IT IS A GREAT VOGAS STORY OF ALL TIME" and "NASA IS MAKING ALL OF US A FOOL?

  2. Sadly earthlings don’t know how to read the road signs in space. Quasars and Pulsars are navigational aids to get from A to B without ending up inside of a star, asteroid field, black hole or crashing into a planet.

  3. I think it's facinating that the sun has such a far reaching gravitational effect on the surrounding solar system. It's crazy cool that in space objects can glide on forever and never have friction slow them down. Only other factors would stop a object in space from moving. Things behave so uniquely in the vacuum of space. Weak forces like static charges, play a huge role in how things interconnect. It's pretty neat.

  4. They don't…FAKES…Gas pressure requires molecules to be in contact with each other, bouncing off each other, causing millions of collisions per second, etc… If you release gas into the vacuum of space, the first molecule that pops out will shoot off into the distance at a constant speed, so will the one behind that, never catching up with the first one. The third, fourth, etc… all fly off into the distance trying to fill the vacuum by finding their empty corner. So no matter how much gas you produce none of it will ever change the pressure under a space ship. None it if will ever push a spaceship. To push a spaceship there must be some locally high pressure under it, which is impossible since the pressure in space is 0 everywhere.
    Back the the Nozzle and the Massflow equation F=MA on earth
    Think about a fire hose shooting water. A force comes directly back against the column of water shooting out. Why? Because the first drop of water has to pas through air, which is dense, causing many collisions, slowing down the drop of water. The second drop, directly behind the first, will not be slowed down by the air so it will collide with the first drop, the third drop hits the second drop and so on, the fast water coming through the hose pushing through the slower water outside causes Newton’s 3rd Law to push back on the column of water. This is why you need people holding the hose to add an unbalanced force otherwise the hose would not be able to push water through that column anymore, the water column would be diverted and the hose would flop around. It is obvious that one drop of water does not push back on the hose, you need a fast moving column.
    The nozzle and the Massflow equation in space
    Since the molecules leaving the combustion chamber and entering the vacuum never slow down, never collide with any outside objects, nor with each other, their force is always moving forward, away from the ship. There is no way for that force to be returned to the ship. There is no way for the force of the moving molecules to be extracted and used for propulsion. Their force is carried off into the far corners of space. This is also known as Joule Expansion. Remember that as soon as the nozzle is opened, the combustion chamber becomes part of the vacuum of space as is subject to its laws. A closed chamber is under pressure but not an open one.
    NASA is lying at the molecular level

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  5. main problem will never be go to the exoplanets in real time , bigger problem than tis is our own conflicts and more problem than this our behaviour with other creatures , is that our values which we are taking there , examles are not far , we gone to other continents and every weapon imposed values on folk who was oppressed , much more we ave to learn from our failuers