Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

What is UBI? How would free money change our lives.

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Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI


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  1. Everything would get expensive. Especially rent, imagine what your landlord would do if they knew you where getting £1000 extra a month? Plus if everyone is getting £1000 paid for by taxpayers money then how is that money being replaced? Tax the rich more wont replace it. Im all for an extra £1000 a month but the negative impacts could be huge. Look at the USA where they pay $300 a week due to covid and now cant fill jobs. Yes people arent working or want a hire wage or getting educated, you can sell it as a positive but you still have people not working and the economy can not survive that way.

  2. I believe Ubi will reduce the crime rate they won't feel the urge to rob when they can pay a friend it costs uncle Sam and tax payers over 30 grand per inmate while they sit in there area for years lifting weights what a waste aresting
    homeless people and people to poor to pay child support

  3. Was ist daran bedingungslos??? Leute lasst euch nicht veräppeln! Hartz4 ist auch nicht bedingungslos!!
    Das ist die Abschaffung der Freiheit, sonst nichts! Recherchiert über „the great reset“vom WEF!!
    „Ihr werdet nichts mehr besitzen“.. Transhumanismus etc. Herrschaft der Konzerne!!

  4. in Poland this wouldn't work, because the majority of our society are low IQ people that tend to waste their social money (like 500+ and money from other programs) on alcohol and cigs and don't care about having a job if they can simply get drunk and beat their wifes and kids, these are the same people that support our government and praise them for giving them "free money"

  5. Let's be real, most taxes come from the middle class even with strict tax laws on the rich because the rich are the rich, they find loop holes galore and if it gets to bad they just move their capital to another country, such an example was Venezuela which was a growing capitalist democracy until someone came along promising to "close the gap" and now that place is a failed state. The only way to solve that problem is to have a world government which has problems of its own so most of the burden of this tax will go on entrepreneurs who are starting businesses and hiring people. Likely they'd cut jobs to pay the now higher tax which I see causing a lot of demand for jobs but low availability. A great example being Seattle. look, a UBI could be a good thing but the money has to come from somewhere and the fact that some of the money is going to people who don't work, it seems an inefficient way to get the poor unpoor.

  6. Also you're very incorrect about the amount rent is around $1,000 in most areas so unless you're living with several other people then you're going to need around $2,000 minimum to actually support people without them having to work… Also most of those people will use part of that money or get a job and then save money to start their own small business or they'll live off the $2,000 while they write a book or make art or make YouTube videos of them reacting to TV shows and movies so that other people will give them money to watch them react to movies and TV shows.

  7. Incorrect about a single dollar extra I've been on disability/military deathbenefits since I was in fourth grade… You can make twice what you getting disability or military death benefits and every dollar after twice they take away 50 cents until a certain limit is reached….

  8. If billionaire started paying the taxes they're supposed to be paying and programs that are claiming to help homeless people which only create a cycle of poverty because it's impossible to utilize the program and get out of homeless however if you are homeless then using the program creates a better day-to-day life than if you don't use the program…

  9. If you have universal basic income then you can do work that you enjoy and take other people's universal basic income little by little such as creating a YouTube channel and a patreon so people can send you money to help you create the YouTube videos and eventually you're making more money from YouTube than you are from universal basic income….

  10. Universal basic income shouldn't be universal it should be universal under a reasonable income level/savings/investments. If you have no official income but you still have 10 million in the bank or even a hundred thousand dollars in the bank then there is no reason for you to have universal basic income that money should be able to last you long enough to get a new job or long enough to find some sort of means of income until you no longer have that money and then you should be able to easily prove it and end up on universal basic income…