How Would You Take Down North Korea? (The 7 Choices)

How Would You Take Down North Korea? (The 7 Choices)

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If you were put in charge of one mission – to take down the North Korean regime – a mission that had previously left world leaders beaten and befuddled, where failure could result in changes to the political and physical landscape for generations to come….what would you do?

And time is of the essence here, as the longer you wait, the likelier it is for Dear Leader to complete development of nukes capable of reaching the continental US, or perhaps anywhere else in the world. Actually, according to some reports, it might already be too late!

But whether North Korea actually fires is another question altogether. If we are to rid the world of this nefarious regime – I’m talking the regime not the people – we have to consider the options. In this video, I’ll go over the seven way to take down North Korea – including the most destructive, the most convenient, the most secretive, and the most unexpected.



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  1. This video is really great, and well put together. Love how each scenario is explained at length.
    However, for the last scenario, I think you failed to take into account that NK is an extremely impoverished nation, where even food is hard to come by and people don't even have refrigerators. Let alone consumer goods like electronics. Theres no personal property even, housing is allocated by government, very few cars. What would people spend the money on? Isn't it more likely they will just hoard the money, and NK government may change the currency notes when they get to know of this, thus people may never get a chance to spend this money at all. Won't the entire operation be useless then? Sadly. I think the last scenario only works if you think of NK as SK or China, and not the poor, impoverished nation it is.

  2. North Korea got banned from the 2022 Winter Olympics hosted in, you guessed it, Beijing. That might make the Eastern Alliance one more likely.

  3. Okey so I just thought of a another method, you can count this as an unexpected one but it involves becoming Kim Jong-un mistress jup, but hear me out okey so for that to happen you will probably need a attractive non North Korean woman, but it is very unlikely that any of the attractive non north Korean females would accept this plan but let's say that they do and it works out well as we don't know what is kims Jong-un type in females but an attractive woman is most promising, well now let say that he actually does fall in love then this lady would have to live with him for a few months a d just make sure to be the perfect Korean waifu and while this is happening she would make herself a priority to Kims heart and he would just not let her go also after the few months have past she would have earned his trust.
    Now that was one way of doing it, but there is a another way,
    So all that has happened but after the few months have past and she has earned his trust, then she would need to be the perfect waifu and make him food but as she has earned his trust he would also not see it coming when she would poison the food and potentially kill him.
    After his death two things can happen, one she would need to blame it as a food poisoning or an allergic reaction but if that doesn't work she would have to surrender her life, but the second option is that she would somehow flee the country and one of his siblings would take the place but before that she should have made sure that this sibling won't make bad decisions by simply threatening this sibling (into saying tings like "if you don't do this and this good to the country then #### will happen to you") but if the siblings would try to snitch it to Kim Jong-un he wouldn't believe this siblings cuz he and her have built a very good relationship and trust within these months.
    (Also she wouldn't be able to take the leaders place cuz she is not North Korean)
    Sorry that this came out so long but I hope you understood :)))

  4. take down north korea?
    don't make me laugh, the americans can't even take down talibans
    and what' the reason to take down the north korean government?
    to install another puppet state to make more war to china?

  5. It is kind of easy to take down North Korea, by not actually taking them down. Just killing their leader.

    As in, dig under wherever he resides, dig REALLY DEEP below, set off an explosive and watch that man fall.