The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

The Truth About The Tesla Semi-Truck

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  1. How …. how were you wrong? This thing has a pitiful load capacity and extreme price. Literally no benefit to a shipping company. No one will buy it, yet "I WUZ WRONG". You just went 180 with no given reason. Is that some sort of joke?

  2. you also have to figure in the weight of the drive train that isnt the motor… battery powered vehicles can do funky things with where they place their motors and axles…. also with a tesla based truck we cant forget that they are gonna have some hard core regenerative braking… and if its just to supply power i wouldnt mind if tesla came out with a better designed trailer…. IE our trailers having regenerative braking and possibly drive force. it would help in icy conditions if when our truck is trying to slow the whole assembly down without locking the tires if our trailers could have some ability to drag as well…( if you are confused as to why truckers would want this its cuz under a steep hill in icy conditions your trailer can try to pass you to the side)

  3. for your information an automatic freightliner cascadia can maintain about 7.3 mpg with 2×100 gallon tanks so your 900 miles range is a bit like saying a truck spends all its time in town.

  4. i wonder if it would be useful for a tesla truck to have lightweight solar generation on the top and sides of it again the trailer.. most good truck drivers start at about 2-4am local time and finish in the early afternoon leaving the truck stationary for most of the bright hours of the day.

  5. Lets gets this one ironed out once and for all shall we… CO2 is not a "greenhouse gas" The theory was developed from flawed experiments using a closed system, the Earth is not a closed system, there's no lid on it unlike the experiment. The only contributing factors to temperatures at the Earth surface are total area of solar irradiance and atmospheric pressure at sea level. Gas composition of the atmosphere plays no part. Fact. Efforts to reduce carbon emissions are driven by eugenicists like Musk who know that by lowering carbon dioxide crops will fail and people will die. In the mean time people pay increasing taxes for emissions of a plant nutrient that supports all life on the planet. And oligarchs like Musk reap financial gains for advancing the agenda. Wake up ffs.

  6. your numbers are very optimistic.. the profitability ratio is close to 20% in favor of combustion engine trucks with your numbers, with other more "critical" numbers, its even worse. elon is completely banking on future advancements in battery technology and top assume he is doing all of this to save the planet is biased at best. you shouldnt let your judgement be clouded.

  7. Crap. Utter crap. The cost per mile-ton will be greatly above the cost of moving by diesel. That means manufacturers and vendors will have to raise the prices of the goods they sell. That wipes out any advantage the electric truck could offer, except the one that seems to dissolve critical thinking faculties, the irrational demand that we use electricity for everything because it is "green." Green, that is, if you make it with renewable resources such as wind and solar. But those resources are, in point of brutal fact, terribly expensive when all the costs are properly accounted. This whole thing is an absurd fairy tale.

  8. In August 2021 it looks like there’s sand in the gear box. I wander how how many truck been on the road in the US and and which company use them. And I wander what the real numbers that musk told us about capacity and range are true. Or is it just a flop, supposedly a lot of companies was already place order for those trucks.

  9. The Tesla semi will never by the answer for long haul trucking. Range and payload are king in OTR trucking. No battery truck will ever exceed the suitability of diesel. The is just not enough energy density in a battery.

  10. How can you say it saves environment by using quarter of the energy of a regular truck in the same time as saying the payload is also divided by 4? There is no return on investment if you spend the money you save on dragging car batteries around the country. And on top of that all the pollution from batteries you make and all the rate earth metals that you need to dig to produce them.
    It's neither good for industry nor for environment. That's why any info about it disappeared

  11. FAIL. Load capacity is the only metric that matters. These trucks have the load capacity of a U-haul. You can run a U-haul for $50 a day, including the cost of buying it. This costs $500 a day to run. Same load. Utterly nonsensical.

  12. There are several better videos on YouTube that really tear this nonsense to pieces, and literally everything else Musk says or does. I have no idea how you concluded that your preconceptions were wrong. It seems you were bang on with your predictions and suspicions, but your misplaced admiration for the psychopathic, fraud, grifter that is Elon Musk has clouded your vision.

  13. My company actually has electric semis in testing and Tesla’s on order . So far 125 miles per charge and 5 hours to charge even if the Tesla is 50 percent better it’s completely unusable. Local trucks run two shifts day and night 800 to 1000 miles a day and often need to drive a pto to unload product. Long haul trucks will run 600 to 1200 miles a day with either solo or team drivers to make things worse there is a crippling lack of parking which means you will not be able to build enough charging spaces without a lot of concessions being made on building new truckstops half the time drivers just end up sleeping in their customers lots . And if you think those same customers who get upset if pressure is put on them to unload in a timely manner will put up charging stations for random trucks your mistaken . Currently diesel trucks like the cascadia equipped with the 120 gallon tanks will go 1920 miles on a filling not 900 . Energy density will have to increase dramatically and there will have to be major infrastructure investments to have electric semis . And even then they won’t be able to be used in several vital applications that require the use of a pto they will be completely unworkable for agriculture applications for quite some time . You can mandate electrification all you like in the case of California but it won’t matter once it becomes clear that doing so would decimate food production.

  14. It’s too bad this turned into a shill channel.

    The most important metric BY FAR is load capacity, and an electric truck is going to require a crazy amount of weight, leaving barely any room for cargo.

    Edit: Anyone care to reply with actual numbers and stats? Thanks!

  15. Not a peep about cargo capacity or recharging time. Without these two the entire BS hype is a waste of time. 0-60 means nothing in the trucking industry. Been in the business for 40 years. Not a chance these are used on a large scale. Musk is a con man. Nothing more.

  16. Would it not be more efficient to introduce a trolley system on highways next and modify this semi to use it? Outside of highways the range will not be a big issue.

  17. Elon is still messing around while Mercedes and MAN has already made electric only versions of their trucks which also already are in production AND in use WITH proper support and quality control, along with actual supported charging options