Why Marvel Makes Better Movies Than DC

Why Marvel Makes Better Movies Than DC

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  1. DC will eventually have its chance…in about 10 – 15 years after Marvel is done with the MCU and somehow ties in all existing characters and soon to be introduced characters with a satisfying ending.

    Probably making enough money to buy back most of its characters by the end of it all

  2. In some multiverse probably , MARVEL hires some shitty Ass-hole DC director for directing the MARVEL'S AVENGERS which became a flop in 2012 only to ruin whole MCU FUTURE then a video comes in Zootube "WHY MARVEL MAKES WORSE MOVIES THAN DC".
    Thankyou JOSS WHEDON for Marvelizing the Justice League, turning Men's content into DISNEY'S Children movie.

  3. This is 100000% accurate and truly well made man. I do wanna point out that Tony sorta DOES address that gap between IM3 & AOU about his suits in Civil War. When he’s talking to Cap by himself when they argue about Wanda, when he’s sitting down, he explains that and why he didn’t bring out Pepper at that event in the beginning. He said basically that after he said hewas done, Hydra was ousted due to the events of Winter Soldier, so the Avengers had to mop up Hydra (which they were doing at the beginning of AOU), then they accidentally created Ultron, “& then & then & then..”. Then he basically said he signed the accords cause pepper wanted to leave him cause of his being iron man & he didn’t wanna stop being iron man, so he thought the accords could help him sort that out, which I’m supposing it kinda did.

    Anyways, great work man!!!

  4. People give Age Of Ultron a lot of crap but it was the best movie in terms of character development. Each and every hero. It shows that they are vulnerable. It shows that they are more human than they are superheroes

  5. What i dont like about dc is the design of the superhero. Its so silly and weird like its being done by a kid or smthn. For example riddler with his weird ass green outfit. Marvel's characters actually has a cool costume and we understand why they dress like that

  6. DC's best Movie was The Dark Knight. That came out 13 years ago

    Marvels best movie so far is Endgame. That came out two years ago (Jesus christ)

    But the thing with Endgame, in the real world, and the MCU we still feel it's after effects. Every time the name Thanos is mentioned we think of Endgame and infinity war. Every marvel movie released after Endgame still talks about the affects Endgame had. In DC we still don't feel the events of the dark knight, if it's even related. Same goes for all their movie's, things happen and then the dust settles and we don't hear of it anymore.

    While in marvel we still feel the effect of Age of Ultron in the movies after it up till infinity war

    Come on DC step up your game

  7. This video .makes me even sadder because now the new marvel writers are retconning things to shoe horn in other things
    For Example: In Captain Marvel they retcon the avenues nwme, so according to the new writers nick fury thought of Tue name because it was captain marvel's nickname. And they retcon furys eye

  8. It makes me so sad that we dc fans get a bad rep because of the movies even though dc has some of the greatest comics written ever and some of the most iconic superheroes. Love this video!

  9. This happens when you love what you do, Kevin Feige (executive producer of MCU) is a fan of the characters, the stories.

    DC, on the other hand, don't have a leader who loves the craft. Even when there was a slight hope in Zack snyder, who actually understood what he was doing, they kicked him out.

    This is sad, VERY SAD.

  10. Well Marvel really is not complicated . They just tells the story in a way we normal audiences tend to understand in a glance . Well DC comics is complicated ,it doesn't go well with simple understanding and same goes with DCEU , they surely go with dark concepts. Casting is good at marvel . Idk anything else

  11. DC 's fail in the movies is obvious. Just look at the comics. tThe comic book characters batman and superman where more popular than any of mcu charcters' comic book characters before the movies started. May be exept for spider man. But with those more popular comic book characters DC still failed miserably. Marvel took lesser popular comic book characters and made the household names through the movies. Witch Dc camr no way near of. If it wasn't for the comic books and early films DC would have been completely finished with those movies.

  12. I love DC, but I gotta admit they have a ratio of 1:5 to make a at least a good movie. Last they were on a roll was the TDK trilogy which is arguably the best CBMs ever made.