25 Things People Did BEFORE The Internet You Won't Believe

25 Things People Did BEFORE The Internet You Won't Believe

Can you guess the things people did before the internet? The internet has drastically changed the way we live our lives. However, some of us younger folk may not realize how much of a change that is. Check out these 25 things people did before the internet you won’t believe.

Can you imagine a world without the internet? You’re probably thinking it’s a scary place. But what if we told you that not too long ago, the internet was not available? It’s true. There was once a time where people had to do everything without the internet. Think about that for a second. Check out the things people did before the internet (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below if you think you could live in a world without the internet:


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Can you imagine navigating without the internet? No more Google, No more Gps, just plain ol’ paper map and skills? How about getting music? Today, we just click on button a download it to our phones or better yet, we have internet radios. Back then however, you had to go to a store and buy a CD! Then there’s things like sharing pictures. There were Facebooks, Instagrams, or Twitters back then. So no instant sharing. But people lived just fine. Do you think you could live without the internet? Check out these 25 things people did before the internet you won’t believe.

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  1. Hello I'm 18 and I have dairy. Yeah for real. I have it because I don't want to write it in facebook in private cuz anybody can find it by hacking. So I don't desire a hacker to see my sentences in my dairy. That's why I keep dairy and write with my hand

  2. what i miss about the internet was how it was a lot more people outside, and how you actually had to knock on people's door and say "can you come outside?", i don't see none of that with kids anymore, also i see as the 2000s came in and more and more people got online common sense seemed to decline rapidly as i would see more and more people doing strange stuff for fame or recognition, like car surfing, knockout game, committing crimes and recording it, or bragging about it online, eating tide pods, and other strange stuff. what i like about the internet is how unlike before we can learn and access things at a far greater level that improves our lives as far as education and health goes

  3. Yeah, I remember the good old days as well, before computers and technology. Truth is, I miss it, it was better. In my time it was tapes, CD's hadn't really took off yet. You'd make mix tapes of your favourite songs to play on your walkman if you were lucky enough to have one. You also taped things off radio shows and recorded things from the TV on VHS tapes.

  4. Wait! You had an answering machine? You are a baby. I remember rotary dial phones. Remember long distance? It was cheaper to drive 5 minutes to visit relatives one town over than to call them on the phone. We made our mix tapes using tapes not CDs. Cable TV promised us to be commercial free since we paid for the service. Can you imagine the Weather Channel actually being 24/7 weather? Now we did have VCRs in the 80s to record shows but it was for mom and dad, not us. Reruns were not guaranteed so if you missed it, oh well.

  5. Um… we had word processors and printers way before the 1990's lol, for a moment there it sounded kind of like he was saying they just invented them then, if anything he did not have access to it as much as I did. People still use newspapers. People still use the computer for none internet related stuff today so that one was not good enough if anything he should of gone into the lack of access or dealing with dialup. When you use computers you print more and so more is on paper.

  6. I was born in 87 and never knew a world without all this technology but im not fully ingrained in it as people born later than me are. Im sort of in between which is pretty weird feeling. I remember signing into AOL was a young kid and having chord telephones and all that. Lol So i do remember this life but it all changed once I was in highschool and college onward.

  7. You can't be a human being anymore. Make a mistake, you are trash who should be canceled and given a Scarlet Letter. Young people in all their tolerance are hugely intolerant of "omg, I didn't mean to do that…" They will kill your livelihood and wish you death. And I'm not even talking about the racism stuff, the extreme stuff the Fox people think they should get to keep doing. I mean just making a mistake or using language you just didn't realize was code for something.

    A kid in on his Tik Tok channel (are they channels?) said Adios or something else in Spanish. And the Internet canceled him for racism. I'm Mexican on my mom's side and saw all these teenagers from other central American countries being offended over the racism and appropriation. I was like Spanish is a European language though? But the kid caved and APOLOGIZED.

    And worse. You can just be sitting on a bench quietly enjoying a popsicle and find yourself on the Internet for violating some rule you didn't realize was a rule. But because they know it's a rule, you were supposed to know. And now if you want to keep your house, your car, your dog, your kids, your safety, you have to grovel. Forget keeping your dignity, that's irreparably damaged.

    The ONLY reason that fella who shamed the Chick fil A worker lost that public shaming attempt was because he was older and had more money. (For those who may not remember, a fancy rich gay guy drove through Chick fil A during the anti-gay controversy and picked on some poor working kid and filmed it to upload and shame on the Internet. But he read the room wrong.) It didn't matter he was gay. His demographics could not over come HER demographics (young woman on a wage).

    Now! (lol) If the worker at Chick fil A was an OLD guy (doesn't matter if he were poor and just barely scraping by) if the drive through harasser was young (any color) the harassment would have passed flying colors and the poor dear old man just selling some burgers in a drive through to pay his light bill would have been on the internet forever as a hate monger who hates gay people. I say this with full confidence as an older gay minority woman. It's just plain true.

    Disclaimer: I do not mean institutional hate stuff Trumpers think should be lawful. I am speaking purely private, human frailty.

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