Blade Runner – When Humans Lose Their Humanity

Blade Runner - When Humans Lose Their Humanity

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  1. The man in the green jacket is not an accident at all. Follow green back through both movies.

    Also, our reaction to these movies is our own Voight-Kampf.

  2. Great review but will have to disagree on the music part. I think the music is just references to nostalgia, like the 1950s housewife look of the holographic girl and Las Vegas (not just Elvis but also Frank Sinatra, and the omnipresence of books). Also, the director took the dehumanising aspect of this post-modern future world a bit too much, making us share in this unemotionality through slowness and lack of involvement via the so-called protagonist. That happened in the first Blade movie, sadly. The bluish colouring and the cold movie score, although Blade was an incredible movie.

  3. I thought it said "blade runner: where humans lose their humanity" lmao I immediately thought oh shit I gotta see this movie and realized what it said but stuck around for the intrigue

  4. I've heard this idea that humans are inherently lazy quite a lot and after much research and study, I heartily disagree. What has happened can be found by observing its opposite. When humans are happy they are energetic, dynamic, and almost incapable of doing nothing. Simply try teaching your average person to meditate and you'll see what I mean. If we were lazy, meditation would be easy.
    What seems to have happened is that somewhere along the line we developed an almost species-wide depression. I'm a data scientist and have some theories as to why but the point is when you're happy you are energetic, and when you are depressed, you're lazy.

  5. Lol how the guy tries to rationalize joy. Women are different creatures. They are going to nag. Especially because of the entitlement issues they have.

    I'de get myself a joy real quick. Replica joy….. It it not authentic love when they are programmed to love you? Or do we really like the reality of a girlfriend of 2021 and the more negatives then positives? Is it authentic in the way that girls want someone for looks, money, status? This is a discussion for another video lol. Oh man… If only I had replica joy to say hi to me after a long Days work and not the nagging of all my past girlfriends lololo

  6. The blade runner franchise neglect the Amish choice. In a future like blade runner. If I live in it. I'll choose to be a cyborg space whale. Swim around space, and eat asteroids in the oort cloud.

  7. that last part at 10 minutes, really resinated with me, as was a youtube addict and having to give up something I was with for a long time. And it is yesterday when I finally stopped watching youtube when trying to sleep, I have never slept better. Regaining humanity is hard, but god damn it is worth it.

  8. Watched this movies three times. I do not have the intellect to explain the themes and philosophy; but when i watch videos like this one i begin understand why i liked this movie so much.

    Thank you "The Closer Look"

  9. Actually, the theme of the Blade Runner movies is racism. Replicants are “colored people” who are slaves or else fugitive slaves. The idea that an android gives birth to a whatever is like saying colored people can give birth to a white child.

  10. I've tended to see it more as, what happens when non-humans gain their humanity? Deckard's human/replicant status is still debated, to which I say, why does it matter? At the end, whichever he started as, he is human.

    The eyes also go back to the first movie. The blade runners, and even Tyrell, need a lengthy quiz focusing on optic response to find replicants. Meanwhile, the worker who made the world can immediately spot his creation. This places a Hegelian master-slave dialectic into the alienation experienced by society. The Deckards of the world can no longer intrinsically make sense of their world because they are not building it. Meanwhile, the lower class of laborers see themselves in their creations, and can therefore still identify humanity.

  11. But neither Deckard or his daughter are humans, they're replicants. The point is that the replicants are more human than humans are, and to reflect what means to be human.

  12. Deckerd is a replicant and the 'human' doctor is his daughter. She's a replicant. Either that or Deckerd is a human and his daughter is a hybrid.

  13. I agree with this perspective alot, Finally someone that has pointed it out!, The scary K – Joi relationship, The dehumanization of people caused by overpopulation and technology, And the epidemic of lonelyness caused by it

    I always felt there was much more to this movie other than (Muh robots can be hooman too), but i think the movie dives into both "what makes one human" and this perspective as well

  14. Wasn’t the doctor not a human? I thought that was the whole point. That she was the one born from replicant parents, the first of her kind to ever be born. But she’s still a replicant.

  15. We are there without the technology shown in this film but that is a formality considering the speed of advancement. Humanity is at a point of very little empathy, high scrutiny and valued only as monetary gain. We are there. What's entertaining is that no one sees the slow degradation towards the complete collapse. With all of our academic accomplishments, no one with public importance is sounding the alarms. We are at that point of the strongest will survive. The only question left is "Will the smartest or the physically strongest be the last standing?"
    I have aways considered the advancement of society as progress in the direction of the betterment of the majority (Hence utilitarianism) but have learned that it will actually lead the majority towards the end of humanity. Hopefully Elon will find a way for us to continue elsewhere and allow us another opportunity to change our attitudes towards procreation and the responsibilities of procreation.

  16. Dude, I love your channel, and your essays, but I think what you're talking about in this video is actually such a minor theme – or, better to say, a narrow aspect of the "what it means to be human" theme in the film. Like Joi being a poor substitute for real love and K realizing it looking at the advertizement – I think the true meaning lies way deeper beneath the surface "look, these fake girlfriends are taking over, don't become an isolated inhuman addicted to it", but rather that K and Joi relationship – a replicant and software's, turn out to be more real and sensitive, then this future's humans'. That, looking at the ads and hearing it say his love's words, he understands on one hand that his life's love is a serial product, but on the other hand that this artificial girl with no body and binary code instead of DNA sacrificed its life to save him, and how alone he is now in this world, with his only true love having been with a AI, and seemingly no morals, dreams or goals left. And then he finds the strength to go on and do the right thing, like the real human being he is. I dislike this video (knowing negative reaction still helps the channel), and wrote this comment, to help you further grow as youtuber, but also to attract your attention to more subtle and dualistic sides of these movies, which they sure have. Thanks.
    P.S. You ever call replicants machines again and I unsubscribe dude, they're not even cyborgs, they're artificial humans, living beings, dammit. That's the kind of appreciation and attention to material that you didn't display in this essay and that irritated me so much. Thanks again.

  17. Joi sacrificed herself for love. She violated her programming and we know this because she severed her connection to the central core.

  18. This is specifically the question Philip K Dick was addressing in his book “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep”. He was inspired to question what humanity meant when reading the letters of a Nazi commander writing home to his family complaining of the cries of the starving children and how it was bothersome. It wasn’t whether replicants were emotional enough to be human and in the book they are definitely not. It was whether those humans around the replicants who seemed to have no appreciation for beauty or empathy could be any different than the replicants.

  19. I have to respectfully disagree with you about Joi and the scene with the billboard. The assumption being made is that the Joi program isn't self aware and making decisions of her own. It may have been made from the same template as the others but we don't know that they do not learn and grow from their experiences. They become individuals, perhaps even alive. K's relationship with Joi parallels Deckard's relationship with Rachael. Both fell in love with someone who is judged as being "not real". Both see the one they love die. Both are given an opportunity to get a perfect copy of the person they loved. Both know that it would be a lie. It might be a perfect copy but it wouldn't be HER. SHE is dead.

  20. I know this video is 3 years old n all, but your website no longer exists and redirects to some spam site. A shame, kinda wanted to read that essay.

  21. Both the screenwriter and Harrison Ford said that Deckard was a human. Just be cause the director desperately wanted him to be a replicant for some reason, does not override the screenwriter's knowldedge.

  22. my favorite movie of all time! one small aspect of the discussion around this movie that I find interesting is whether people refer to Ryan Gosling character as Joe, or K. Which name is more appropriate for the character once he's finished his character arc? you could argue for Joe because it's a human name given to him by arguably the one person Joe loved, and gave him joy. although that name is given to him because it's written in jois code to give that name to all of her customers. Adversely you could argue for the name K because it is more unique to the character. although it is just an abbreviation of his serial number, less human, maybe. idk interesting question to me and I usually refer to him as K. but I flip flop on the decision every time I watch 2049.

  23. BRO BRO BRO BRO, I litteraly have that Prokofiev/Joi sound on my phone notifications from the day I saw this movie in cinema. For me it is a reminder about tragedy being in love you know will not last but lost it faster then you expected, I think… I am not sure, but Your points are very intresting as well 🙂 That music trigger is one of my most favourite part of the movie