The Chieftain | Top 5 Tanks | The Tank Museum

The Chieftain | Top 5 Tanks | The Tank Museum

Nicholas Moran aka The Chieftain, Wargaming’s resident tanker and amateur historian, came to The Tank Museum to share his Top 5 Tanks.

It’s all about opinions, so please feel free to agree or disagree in the comments below.

Whose Top 5 would you like to see next?

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  1. tanks haven't changed much because we haven't had an all out world war again yet that's meant new designs were needed quickly.. not for want of the globalists trying to cause one mind

  2. When the Germans meet Americans going into combat in WWII always went to cover because along came the artillery first before the troops and tanks.

  3. Next top Five presenter: One of the guys from “Fury” (Brad Pitt 1st choice); One of the living WW2 Tankers; or someone just visiting Tank Fest who doesn’t know anything, but thinks they do.

  4. Wow, I wish I had a lever inside to adjust track tension on the old M113A3 I had to drive my platoon commander around in. Nick is exactly correct breaking down the entire grease gun debacle as there is nothing more enjoyable than tensioning track with a grease gun up to your ankles in mud while removing mud from the tensioner cylinder. Bear in mind when out in the field you have no access to running water. (Aside from the jerry can you tip over to wash one hand at a time if you want to go through the trouble.) I can still taste the old vegetable cracker with jalapeno cheese spread and a nice finishing note of grease/mud grit.

  5. Interesting the position of the Scimitar. The track design was compromised by HMTreasury who insisted on 432 series track to save money result reduction of speed to 30mph. That was no fault of the machine. The Jaguar engine was known from the start to be inadequate. A very successful and basically reliable design it was overwhelmed by the auxiliary components it was required to power. That it did as well as it did reflects upon the ability of crews and their support services.

  6. Agree with all of them but the Scimitar (it is not a tank).

    By definition (Merriam-Webster)? A tank is:
    'an enclosed heavily armed and armored combat vehicle that moves on tracks'
    It is neither heavily armed or armored (aluminum?!?).
    Sorry Mr. Chieftain…it does not fit on the list.
    Though I get and enjoyed his talk about it.

    BTW, I REALLY like his thinking on the other 4.
    His thoughts about 'MBT' is unique and makes a LOT of sense to me.

  7. Most impactful tank according to Chieftain is a FRENCH tank which defined all the others. You mad USA ? Throw some white flag jokes and have 1 or 12 cheeseburgers, you will feel better.