25 Most BIZARRE Stars In The Universe

25 Most BIZARRE Stars In The Universe

Are you familiar with the most bizarre stars in the universe? Our galaxy is estimated to have about 100 billion stars and though most share similar traits, there are quite a few that have bizarre things going on. Check out the 25 most bizarre stars in the universe.

Do you think our sun is weird? To be fair, it does its oddities, but there are stars in the universe that put our sun to shame. Whether because of their size, behavior, or characteristics; some of these stars are mind-blowingly bizarre. Check out the most bizarre stars in the universe (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below which star you think is the most bizarre:


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Did you know that there is a star so big, that it can swallow our entire solar system? There’s also a star so heavy that it is 256 times heavier than our sun. While stars are known for being massive, there are a couple stars that are small. In fact, one of them is the size of Jupiter. Check out these 25 most bizarre stars in the universe.

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  1. Which of these stars do you think is the weirdest? – Juan. EDITOR NOTE: Correction, The universe has 100 billion galaxies with roughly 100 billion (not million) stars in each.

  2. I'm calling this BS from the very first one, at 25. We hear "UY Scuti is so big it could swallow up our star, half our neighbouring planets and 'Practically Our Entire Solar System' ".
    It doesn't even reach to the orbit of Saturn. Beyond Saturn you have Uranus and Neptune. So less than 1/3rd the diameter of the solar system if measured out to orbit of Neptune. A BIG EXAGGERATION THEN. Not "practically our entire solar system". This being the first example of an exaggeration. It ends here, the watching of this video, we get exaggeration and distortion when we're after information preferably in an entertaining way.

    BTW, a fun bit of info to know is concerning UY Scuti regarded by many as the biggest known star in the Known Universe is the National Debt of the United States of America in 1 cent coins flat side to flat side, is wider than UY Scuti's diameter. The US National Debt of $22Tn is truly staggering. (Average of online US debt clocks). The US National Debt is bigger in diameter than the average orbit of Saturn around the Sun, it even extends beyond that. Houston indeed has a problem.

  3. i have a theory that they gave these weird names to stuff that are not interesting to scientists and only give great names for something interesting

  4. I don't usually bother to leave negative comments but this video came across as a poorly researched and not very well thought out. Sorry. I guess it doesn't matter for you though, if you have millions of people who also don't care and won't remember the content anyway. Possibly the only thing I learned was that hearing the same star name spoken audibly twice in a row for absolutely no reason makes me long for our own sun to just go nova right now

  5. Wait is #12 the orangish yellow dot I keep seeing? For years I've been seeing this orangish-yellow "dot" in the sky, especially when it's clear out. It's bright and my eyes always seem to gravitate to it.

  6. He literally said a star was predicated 16 billion years old and says the universe is 13.8 and then says the star is 14 after claiming 16 had to go back three times to make sure.. His mistakes are been corrected so much in the comments I had a bad feeling before even finding a mistake myself..

  7. There is one missing on the list, and I suggest everyone search for it as it's truly fascinating, its name is: