Franco-Prussian War | Animated History (OUTDATED)

Franco-Prussian War | Animated History (OUTDATED)

*This video is outdated and as such should not be used for educational purposes.

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  1. Alleging Prussia is the aggressor, is stupid and lazy. Prussia was within its right to unite the whole German states, peacefully if France was not opposing. For geopolitical reasons, France would not allow a united Germany without a fight, so you should ask: why is France so arrogant and intolerant?
    Most German at the time, wanted a united Germany. Why couldn't they do that? Because of France!

  2. Napoleon III's mediocrity did not justify his arrogance. Spain helped France to conquer Vietnam, putting Spain the majority of the soldiers, after an attack on Christian missionaries, and the French response after the war was: "Thank you. But that Spain looks for another place to conquer, this is France ". That was the answer. In Mexico the French also wanted to eat Mexico, and they had to flee from there. Something in the mind of Napoleon III and his ministers told him that he could threaten Germany, and within a month the French empire disappeared. The French at that time had the same arrogance as the British (but the British lived on an island, so they weren't conquered in a month). Germany inherited French and British arrogance, and in 1918, the German Empire disappeared. There was still arrogance left to wage another war … and we all know what happened.

  3. No matter what era, some things never change. Germans taking Paris, Russians fighting off Germans and neither being able to claim Poland will ALWAYS run its cycle every few hundred years

  4. I have not investigated this topic very far but it seams that Alsace-Lorraine, the region that Prussia was eager to conquer, has significant mining resources including iron ore (second largest deposits in Europe after Sweden) and coal as well. At a time of industrial revolution these resources would mean power so I guess that played a role in the geo-strategic views of Prussia and France. That'd be really nice if a historian could tell me if that indeed played a role in this war, and also the following (WWI and WWI). In the course of less than a century, Alsace-Lorraine changed nationality about 5 times.

  5. 5:30

    "Prussia was the true agressor" XD

    Yes because so many frenchmen died from that telegram XD

    People like you have no consistency in their argumentation. Would you say that the US was the true agressor with Japan in 1941 since they provoked them with the oil embargo?

    I guess then you arguement falls flat 😉

  6. " One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans." Bismark (1888).

    Two years later (1890)the new 29 year old German Emperor Wilhelm II demanded and received Bismark's resignation as Chancellor.
    Eight years later (1898) Bismark dies.
    Sixteen years later (1914), in the BALKAN city of Sarajevo, Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated lighting the fuse for World War I.

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