How To Write A Great Ending

How To Write A Great Ending

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  1. As to any rule there are exceptions. Take Lord of the Rings, for example. After the ring is destroyed, which is the main climactic moment in the movie, we continue to follow the characters for another 20 minutes or so. And it's ok, cause by then we've invested in this epic story so much, we just don't want to let it go that easily.

  2. The most interesting part of casino royale is the betrayal and how it changes bond.. and you wanted that to be cut out?? also matrix, is not really any example of great writing.. almost everything is so predictable you can see it coming from a mile.. the ending got me no surprise and I was bored when the film ended.

  3. It has a great ending? In my opinion it messed up everything. His resurrection felt very forced and in a film i loved so much, for me it was a dog pile on a perfect cake

  4. This is an old video, and maybe itÔÇÖs really only like this in the book, but I want to note that Boromir was a good man, corrupted by the ring, and at some universal level by the shadow over middle earth. He was burden by the weakness of all mortal men, but at heart he was always a good man.

  5. Every Matrix sequel sucked. Only the 1st was done well, the rest suffered from its inability to reach past its look. Everything had to circle around the style, and its substance just became a shit try hard overly complex run on sentence that just didn't fucking know how to be anything other than a badly philosophically pretentious veneer, and thereby working at making itself look far smarter than it actually was, while making sure everyone dressed like a dumbass. It was a run on sentence after Matrix 1. If it could have gotten past the whole club scene bullshit look, and focused more on actual substance than style, it would have been far better.

  6. I have recently played the game Beyond Two Souls, and it had possibly the worst case of ending fatigue that I have ever seen. The game was holding my attention for a long time, but I started to felt unnecessarily exhausted by the time it was over. The endings themselves were not entirely the problem because they close off the story logically, but by the time you get to the climax, there is like another 2 hours left before the credits start rolling. And that's not even counting the amount of fake-outs. It just keeps going and going and going, and every single time you think it's finally going to stop.

  7. This is a poor analysis of Casino Royale. For one, it flat out fails to identify it's actual story structure (ex: the poker game is not the climax. not even close). Second, it implies that the various character arcs and plot threads aren't intertwined, even though they very much are. Third, rearranging the plot lines in the manner suggested would ruin the story. The movie was supposed to end tragically, not happily. In fact, Casino Royale has a character based ending and ends on a question, both things that this video advocated for. Overall, just weak analysis. Also, story beats aren't supposed to occur at a specific time stamp in a movie. If they serve their function to the narrative, it doesn't matter how many minutes into the movie they are. Bad argument.

  8. You may not read this one, but I do not give a flying Duck.

    I must disagree with you because first of all you are just talking about your subjective point of view. Plus you overanlyze way too many things that actually deconstructs some of the meanings which is: just enjoy the fucking movie.

    Since when is the ending of Casino Royale confusing? Only to you it might be, because it is what you want it t be and it is not a sloppy screenwriting at all. I can't agree with. You are not taking into consideration that the very Genre 007 is a spy movie, which supposedly has to do with deciet and betrayal. So in it just makes perfect sense that Bond be betrayed by the very woman he loves in the end. You do not see it coming and you do not need to have any kind of foreshadowing for it to work, because it is the very foundation of the world Bond lives in. It is exactly that point also that makes Bond being Bond.

    So tell me more about your theories of sloppy screenwriting because if I wanted to I could find some in the Matrix too. I just wanted to give my two cents to it.