How Tipping Works In Germany 💸 Get Germanized

How Tipping Works In Germany 💸 Get Germanized 1

How you tip in Germany aka “How does tipping work in Deutschland?”! Many tourists are confused when they come here. Do you tip? If so, where and how much? These and many other questions will be answered in this video!

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  1. Meh, even though I tip I think it's a retarded practice. Paying extra for the service is stupid when they have taken all costs in to account already. Just because they get payed a low amount it doesn't make it right to tip them. I don't get payed extra by my clients at work just for doing my job.

  2. In Spain we don't have a 'tipping culture'. I mean, if your bill is 19,50€ and you're satisfied with the service, you could pay with a 20€ banknote and not bother taking your change back… but that's about it!

  3. 1:38 No, most places in the USA do not include a tip in the price of the meal. As a former server I received $3.13 per hour (As an alternative minimum wage for tip paying professions) plus tips of course. This is the going rate at a low end restaurant like the one I worked at.

    The 3.13 covers health benefits and taxes. The regular minimum wage was around $8.00 per hour.

    As a server I could make $180 in a 5 hr day for an average of $36 per hr. Where as working at the regular minimum wage would you might make $88 in a 10 hr day, IF your employer pays overtime after 8 hrs in a day. Which very few do. Most only pay overtime after 40 hrs in a week.

    Servers who complain about working for tips in the USA simply suck at their job. I was not a particularly good server.

  4. I'm glad to hear that it's ok to tip taxi drivers… we had the nicest taxi driver when we were in Munich. We had a rental car and drove to Austria and other places in Germany. Once we were ready to stay in Munich, we returned our rental car and he drove us to our hotel. I spoke with him in German. Once we got to our hotel i asked him if he'd be available to pick us up and take us to the airport when it was time for us to leave. He said he would and he did! He had also given me his phone # incase anything changed. He was so nice and helpful that I did give him a tip.

  5. There is a different philosophy about bars and pubs in the uk (and mini sociological book written about it, you might look for 'pub watching' by Kate fox, foreward by Desmond Morris, a noted behaviourist'). The pub owner invites you into their building (and can throw you out on a whim), the staff serve you as almost equals and any 'tip' is in the form of a drink bought for the server. The phrase "and one for yourself" marks a 'tip' but as an offer to share a drink with the buyer even if it shall be consumed after they have gone.the book covers the nuance, working the jib, it all sort of naturally falls into place

  6. Just remember, your community is only as wealthy as the average employee's wages are as compared to the average money taken in buy businesses.

    As long as the sum of all employee's wages are aproximently 20 to 30% of all the money businesses take in the economy will be strong and the average individual's quality of life will be good. This is where the tip size is derived from.

    If the government taxes too much and the businesses pay too little then the economy will go t o crap.

  7. In the state of West Virginia in the United States where I’m from, 15% tip in the least you have to tip, but there is no maximum, just what you feel like. Obviously you wouldn’t want to tip your bill amount or more lol, but that’s how it is here.

  8. most often tipping is not included in the price in the US. So the total tipping up to the customer. 15% low to 25% high, 1 dollar per simple drink at a bar otherwise 20% to 35% at bars. I get as a waiter in Florida where we have no state income tax(we have federal income tax) make about $3.40 an hour wage after taxes. When tipping with on a credit card we get that tip at the end of the night after all the tills are collected but we do pay taxes on it through our wages unlike a cash tip.

  9. 20% der Rechnung ist doch normal in den USA. Aber, viele Leute denken, man soll gar nichts weniger als 15% der Rechnung bezahlen, wenn der Kellner/die Kellnerin die Gäste mal schlecht bedient.
    Einmal bin ich im Restaurant mit meinem amerikanischem Großvater gewesen. Unser Bedienung war sehr schlecht. Daher dachte ich, dass wir gar kein Trinkgeld geben sollten. Hingegen sagte er, dass man das Trinkgeld nie weniger als 15% geben solle.

  10. I don't go by percent i go by the service. I hate how restaurants don't pay there servers wheel a tip should be earned not expected especially if the server is rude.

  11. To have to pay for public toilets stresses me so much. Traveling with kids, they can ask for toilets 4 times in 30 minutes! I'm used that in Canada toilets are easy to find and free. I know where to go…. but then when I am in Germany … argggg The lady at Edeka had knifes in her eyes when I asked if there was some toilets I could use… (in Quebec, in grocery stores, you can ask for the toilets, they will provide you a key… maybe it's not super beautiful/clean but at least it's possible and free!) I am used to pay everything even small amounts with credit cards… but then in Germany you need cash often and mostly for toilets. So each time I overhear somebody say they plan a trip to Germany… I tell them BRING A LOT OF COINS FOR THE TOILETS !!!

  12. Trump has proposed a plan that would give owners total control over a worker's tips. The establishment would then decide
    what percentage it would give to its staff. Many Americans already work for slave wages. Hopefully this plan won't see the light of day.

  13. I live in the U.S. and I have been told that I do not have to tip unless I liked the service, which is normally what I do. However, I have also been told that I should tip about 15% of what the meal costs. When it comes to things like this in the U.S., I guess you can take your pick.

  14. I will always tip if I can. Sometimes I just run out of money once I paid the bill so I have no money to tip and I feel kinda bad, but that's only special ocasions. Anyway I always do it by gut: if I feel like it and the service was great, I tip; if not, I don't do it. That's what I also do with taxi drivers, even though I had so many experiences with drunk taxi drivers that I basically tip all the drivers that are not drunk. XDDDDDDD

    I don't know how tipping works in high class restaurants in Spain, but as far as I know, both taxi drivers and waitress get whatever you have on your purse. People never do the 5% or 10% thing, it's more like "oh I have 50 cents left", "oh I have 3 euros left" and they give it. Sometimes you just give them 40€ if the bill is 35€ and you leave the place, meaning that "that's your tip!", but I think a lot of us (at least when you out only for a couple of cocacolas) wait until you have your money back (you gave 5€, the bill was 4.60) and then you leave some coins so that's the tip.

  15. I worked as a waitress in an Asian buffet restaurant in Germany, but i never received any tip because there the customers pay only at the cashier/reservation desc where my boss’s family stand themselves. The family (from Thailand) never gave us waitresses any portion of the tip and I’m pretty sure how much they make just from the tip which should be rewarded for our hard work. It’s So unfair. When my customers appreciated my good service i always wanted to tell them “but don’t leave any tip, it never comes to me”. but of course i never said it :))))

  16. It's been my experience that in most places in NY anyway, tipping is between 15% – 20%. If you really think the service was exceptional you might tip 25%. In most cases the tip is not included in the bill unless you are part of a large group. For example, I went to TGI Fridays in a group setting and they added an 18% tip automatically. Finally, tipping is not required, but if you want good service next time it's a good idea. I don't know how prevalent this is, but I've hear stories of wait staff spitting in people's food if they feel badly treated by customers.

  17. tipping 5 cents. i had an argument with somedbody reacting to my "tipping" like you did.

    People who tip five cent, dont want to tip at all. they want you to save some change. because 1, 2 and 5 cents are always rare at the registers. who the hell would tip 5 cent to honor somebodys service quality.

  18. If an American tips 15-20% at a dinner in Germany, would the server be grateful, or would they take the money and secretly laugh at the American? Conversely, if an American doesn't tip (knowing that Americans tipping culture is somewhat extreme comparatively), would there be scorn toward them?

  19. You don't have to tip at all in the US and it is against the law for them to take it out without asking. Another thing all the people get paid the same thing in a restaurant and only the waitress gets the tip when some people work way harder than her. Just to let you know.