Why you should not PARTIALLY press the Clutch ?

Why you should not PARTIALLY press the Clutch ?

In manual transmission cars, some drivers partially press down on the clutch pedal to make the engine operate more smoothly. Some drivers even have the habit of resting their foot on the clutch pedal. This is known as ‘riding’ the clutch. However, do you know that this habit is really bad for your car? This video illustrates the physics behind ‘riding the clutch’ and its consequences in a logical manner.

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  1. Steep incline and a red light at the top with a Big rig hauling 20 Ton you have to feather the clutch or you roll backward if you hit the brake and clutch at the same time your screwed no fuel and both feet holding the rig on the hill . you need to have 3000 rpm and the clutch at the right torque to hold the rig on the hill so you can get up the hill without rolling backwards. same with a car or pickup truck .

  2. My buddy is teaching me how to drive manuel so I'm trying to understand how the gear works. I'm not understanding any of it. If the higher gears rotate faster, how does lower gears produce more power. How does the transmission produce more speed the more gears but less power?

  3. so is it bad to not fully let out the clutch when in stop and go traffic? like when it’s too slow to even be able to go to 2nd. i never press on the clutch during actual highway driving.

  4. So what you're saying is don't use the clutch for the purpose it was designed for because it might wear.

    Here's another one for you, don't drive your car on the road because your tyres will wear instead just drive on people's lawns where possible as the grass won't wear your tyres down as much.

  5. Yeah i would like to see you in cities in Serbia when there is traffic people move with speed between gears, too high for forst or to low for secont or sometimes to low for first gear too, also would like to see you get honked at by 10 people for almost stoping completely when changing the gear to 1st instead of riding it for half a second going 14-15 kmph

  6. Although I understand the ICE and its power train, I marvel at the sophistication of the graphics used in this presentation to clearly explain the principles. Thank you.