25 Most INTELLIGENT Animals On Earth That Might Surprise You

25 Most INTELLIGENT Animals On Earth That Might Surprise You

Do you know which are the most intelligent animals on Earth? You may guess some of them but there are animals that will surprise you. Some of these animals can do things that you might think only humans can do. Today, we’re going to share with you the 25 most intelligent animals on Earth.

Did you know some animals can use logic? They can also plan for the future, make financial decisions, and even lie! These are all characteristics normally associated with humans…until now. Check out the most intelligent animals in the world (and our photo credits and sources) and let us know in the comments below which of these animals surprised you the most:


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You may find this hard to believe but ants are among the smartest animals in the world. Wait until you see why. Another small animal would be the bumblebee. But probably one of the most surprising animals on the list is the Tuskfish. Normally, we don’t associate fishes with intelligence but they are indeed surprisingly intelligent. On today’s list, you’re going to see animals you might expect to be intelligent and others that will completely blow your mind. Check out the 25 most intelligent animals on Earth.

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  1. Ahahah, cows are smart? No. When I was a kid my parents had a farm, one year it flooded. The pasture went up the side of a hill, so they could easily escape the flood waters, it wasn't rising fast, but did they?! Hell no. They stood, like a bunch of botards, letting the flood water rise on them. My dad had to go out and get them to go up the hill. Cows. Are. Stupid.

  2. You guys look like you have fun filming these lists (especially the light hearted ones). I think it would be cool if you made a retrospective list of the List 25 staffs favorite "lists" to make.

  3. I hate mice or rats they make my skin crawl a few years ago I heard and saw a mouse and I almost tore up my room trying to kill it he outsmarted me but must have smelled some food in my trashcan and he was gone after I took the trash out ewwwww.

  4. Racoons should be on the list. But then I think a lot of animals are much smarter then humans think. Most humans are just to arrogant to see it. I've seen my cats think(no joke). They can solve problems.

  5. Wasps are also quite intelligent, they can be trained to eat from your hand and can be trained to detect bombs and drugs very quickly. And I'm glad cats are on here because they've found cats actually develop their own unique "language" with their humans.

  6. Two sets of animals amaze me at times when I notice their intelligent acts and they are those that hunt in packs, whether on land or water, and those that use tools. I believe they are using more intelligence versus instinct.

  7. I recently watched a documentary on crows, they can also make a tool and not only recognize a human that's done them harm but they also pass that knowledge down and future generations who've never been harmed by this person or even seen'em before will still call out to warn the others

  8. Bear with me on this and go with the idea that Psychics read dogs and cats. They’ve been known to help in murder cases when the animal witnessed the crime.
    That being said, the psychic has stated dogs are compliant and forth coming with evidence whereas cats will actually give false information depending on their relationship with the psychic and accused.

  9. It never fails to confuse me when people are surprised by any animal mourning the loss of a loved one…crows do it, dogs, cats…I've never met an animal that doesn't. Even the ball python I had for most of my life mourned the loss of shorter lived animals in the house.