What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?

What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?

Nuclear testing ended over 20 years ago but the legacy of the test areas still remains and will do for hundreds or thousands of years. 8 countries have actively tested nuclear weapons, some in their own backyard if it was big enough like the Soviet Union and the US but they also used others peoples backyards in the Pacific, the British and French did this.

But what happened to the test sites, in this video we look at the US and Soviet test programs and what became of them and the people nearby.

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Presented by Paul Shillito

Written and researched by Paul Shillito

Images and Footage
Atomic energy Commission,
Dept of Defence,
University of California / PNAS,
Carl Willis,
US Dept of Energy, AtomicHeritage,
Laboratory of Environmental Studies

For more info on the cleanup of the Eniwetok atoll by the US servicemen visit http://www.atomiccleanupvets.com

NUPI report in the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing: The humanitarian consequences

The periodic table at 1:42 courtesy of Todd Helmenstine, sciencenotes.org


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  1. Came into this expecting something like "oh this one is so old it's not a problem" and "well that one's so far away it doesn't matter" and "well we cleaned up that one" and left feeling, well shit dude. We're all part of this. Every second of this vid hit hard.

  2. Bloody hell…makes the threat from oil spills and plastic pollution seem trivial in comparison. The US and USSR wrought environmental havoc on the world…and were responsible for mass manslaughter.

  3. so i just opened a word puzzle game on my phone, first word that fit was Nevada, just happened exactly when dude in video said "Nevada" at 03:00…synchronicity much

  4. Until today Plutonium remains the most deadly substance on earth. Even a number as small as 6 molecules is enough to kill. That is not nearly enough to smell it or detect it. And those area's are 'safe' now? Plutonium 239 takes +/- 24,000 years to decay to Uranium 238. So… I guess we've got to wait a few years. (Idiots)

  5. Oh..but its hair spray bottles responsible for the hole in the ozone layer…leave it to our government to destroy our country, and infect the people with radiation and say sorry
    .you don't qualify for coverage or compensation

  6. The US government wants us to take an untested vaccine for a flu virus they funded through a foreign country because it's not allowed to be made in our country. Like so many other experiments the US has done to their own people unknowingly to those people we are just supposed to TRUST that there is not some underlying diabolical plan against us. Especially when people like George Soros and Bill Gates had opinions and operational standing with Dr fauci. Sorry I do not trust the government to have my best interest at heart.

  7. Humans and their silly wars… They suck so bad… Hope when they eventually go extinct by their own doings, they wont take every other life-form on this planet along with them 😛

  8. If it is atomic bomb or is it covid-19 vaccination, what makes the difference in the number of sacrificed people? Scientists are unscrupulous in making money.

  9. Setting off nukes only 60 miles from Vegas!?
    Man, those were the days.
    You would easily see the nuke flash from a high rise, probably anywhere with a line of sight view
    I always assumed those tests of the 40s and 50s were 100s of miles from any city

  10. Only way to get rid of nuclear weapons is to come up with a better weapon. Just needs to not have after effects. Other than that, they will be around until our demise. All humans just suck!

  11. My thoughts? This video makes the case why the business of government is like no other and as such, should not be compared to or run like, a business at all.

  12. Today is Christmas.

    God gave us Earth, life and free choice – and left. This planet is beautiful but it feels like hell. Who is doing this? The trees? The animals? The weather? No, it is us. And while we are scared of the Devil in reality the Devil is us. We are the ones who do all this evil and not any fallen angel.

    When God send his spirit and laid it in a child we call now Jesus Christ this man taught us right from wrong. But soon our wickedness and fear overwhelmed us and we killed this man on a cross.

    After this horrible sin against God we formed a dealth cult around the torture and killing of Jesus and tell people he is God – the man we cruzified.

    God exists. The truth described here has the power of all nuclear bombs together. And instead to stop and to reverse and to change our spirit we now reached the times of the covid hoax.

    When God had enough you surely will all know.