Tank Chats #49 A7V | The Tank Museum

Tank Chats #49 A7V | The Tank Museum

Tank Chats playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBAEOsdxIbLPFEomzphaZQ0A5Vujkpjd8 21 March 1918, was the action debut of the German A7V tank during the First World War.

One hundred years later, historian David Fletcher talks through the vehicle and it’s history. The Tank Museum’s A7V is a replica, which can be seen running at Museum events, like TANKFEST.

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  1. I love the story of Mephisto – Aussies stole a British tank to steal a German tank, then when the Brits tried to claim it to study it, we stole it again and smuggled it back to Australia.

  2. "You couldn't use them [machine guns] all, because some of them are pointed at your own troops out the back which is not a terribly good idea" — Fletcher always gives the best tank design advice.

  3. WWI Germany: Well, it seems we made a technically superior, over-engineered tank, that we could only produce in very small numbers. We won’t make that mistake again!

  4. British soldier: Ere' Sarg, their sending A7Vs at us, what should we do?
    Sergeant: Pile up some mud into a small mound in front of one side then come back here for a cup of tea while we wait for it to fall over.

  5. my maternal Grandfater had an encounter with one while driveing his ambulance back from “the front”. while driveing though a barrage on a village, he was suddley infron on one of these, and squads of german troups. the commander in the tank on see his red crosses, orders all tropus to stop shootings, let a ricocket hit the veichle. he then got out (or hand outthe door) ofthe tank, and waved my garpop past, and as pop passed, saluted him. such honor was not the only time he met german chivalry during WW1.

  6. Does anyone know how accurate the A7V replica in the Tank Museum is ? There is of course only one genuine A7V, which is in Australia, but did they go all out the recreate the one in Australia (or from the original technical drawings) or does it mostly just look the same from the exterior ? Anyone know a good sources for this ?

  7. Would have make an effective mobile iron fortress. If they ever solved the track wheels problem traversing uneven terrain, they would be a deadly force to deal with.

  8. After one video I had to search David Fletcher to watch all of his videos. I can't get enough of this. He reminds me so much of my favorite u.s. history teacher. I can't quite place it though, maybe it's like a responsible wit? The perfect amount of humor for sure.

  9. I just wonder if Mr. Fletcher has ever read a primary source or made the effort to work through an archive, let alone a German one. Judging from this presentation, he did not when it came to the A7V. Sorry, lads, this was just repeating myths and cliches. Not trying to be mean by any means but leaving out the modular concept in the design and the Germans decision to dedicate scarce resources to the submarines… I mean, come on, this is the British Tank Museum. A little bit more depth and a little less suttle humour would help the credibilty along quiet a bit, wouldn't it.