25 MOST EXTREME Places On Earth

25 MOST EXTREME Places On Earth

Do you think you could survive the most extreme places on earth? You will get chills hearing about the most dangerous, deadly, deepest, and tallest places on Earth. These extreme places to visit can be beautiful, but all the more often they are downright dangerous. Check out these 25 most extreme places on Earth and see for yourself!

In this list of extreme places, we will show you some amazingly beautiful waterfalls and mountains with snow so deep you could fall in. While some places on this list will delight you with their beauty, others will amaze you with how strange they can be. From snake infested islands to waters that can literally eat the clothes off your back these places can pack a punch! Are you strong enough to survive these unbelievable locations? Check out these extreme places on Earth (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know which extreme place is now on your bucket list:


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You will shiver hearing about Vostok Station in Antarctica, where it gets so cold that half of the residents leave before winter and Oymyakon village in Russia where it doesn’t get above 0 degrees four months of the year. Warm yourself up at the world’s most active volcano in Hawaii or tip toe over to Dallol where you can sweat every day in the balmy 94 degree weather. If you want even more adventure, visit Pico De Loro for some of the most extreme surfing on the planet or take a dip in the Dead sea, where you can enjoy floating in saltwater at the lowest place on Earth. If you think you can stomach it, round out your trip by visiting Orfield Lab, a place so quiet you will get a front row seat to hear how loud your body is. Enjoy all of Earth’s extremes by watching this video of the 25 Most Extreme Places on Earth.

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Music: Wicked Things by Quincas Moreira
Photo Credit: “Ethiopia, Dallol, Danakil Depression” (CC BY 2.0) by Achilli Family | Journeys


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  1. Don't go in the Dead Sea to heal yourself! It is full of snot and skin and all kinds of nasty shit that floats and lands on you because it can't s i n k. It was an old guy floating and his navel was full of someone else's snot! I c k!

  2. Awwm I went to the dead sea! Was amazing. You can tread water lightly and look like those super strong water polo and synchronized swimmers 😀 Just don't swallow the water or get it in your eyes

  3. I've been to Mong Kok in Hong Kong. I loved it so much that I am going there for the third time this upcoming May with my parents for a family vacation. It's a great area to go since there are several stores that sell good quality anime figures and anime merchandise.