25 Most INCREDIBLE Japanese Inventions Throughout History

25 Most INCREDIBLE Japanese Inventions Throughout History

You’ll be blown away by the most incredible Japanese inventions throughout history. These inventions are so important in your everyday life that you probably have not given a second thought to where they come from. These modern Japanese inventions have saved countless lives and their ancient inventions dramatically changed our way of life. Watch the video to learn more about these 25 most incredible Japanese inventions throughout history.

These Japanese inventions range from the stunningly simple to the amazingly complex and have likely changed the world. From warfare to our cell phones, these incredible Japanese inventions have touched every corner of our lives. The impact of Japanese technology on the things we buy each day has revolutionized how we communicate and even how we eat! Check out the most incredible Japanese inventions throughout history (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave us a comment with which invention you couldn’t live without:


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Japanese inventions are everywhere in our daily lives. From the humble rickshaw that pulls you through busy city streets to the bullet train that can blast you across town in a matter of minutes, you can thank Japanese inventors. Before you send that text, you should thank Shigetaka Kurita for creating those emojis and Kyocera for releasing the first camera phone. Having some chest pain? You can thank Japanese inventors for creating the portable EKG and the blue LEDs that light up the screen. All these and more (including instant ramen!) incredible Japanese inventions are waiting for you. Get ready to see the 25 most incredible Japanese inventions throughout history!

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  1. Digital camera – Sony Mavica
    Laptop – Epson HX-20
    Solar Sail Spacecraft – Ikaros
    Aircraft Carrier – Hosho
    Hybrid car – Toyota Prius
    Hydrogen Car -Toyota Mirai
    Induced pluripotent stem cell by Shinya Yamanaka (he later won nobel prize)

  2. If you think about it, most of the modern technology consumer devices we have at present have Japanese origins or precursors. Others only worked on improving or innovating from what the Japanese introduced. Sadly, the Japanese are no longer as innovative as they were before. The driven thinkers are now too old and the younger generation don't seem to have the motivation to continue the legacy.

  3. For the uninitiated, WE WON'T HAVE WHITE LED and other colors of LED without blue LED. It took several decades for the blue led to be developed from the time the first LEDs were created. We wouldn't have OLED displays without the blue led's invention.

  4. Actually, Sweden is the only country that developed the entire world, thanks to our most important inventions throughout history that really changed humanity and everyday life.

    1: Dynamite: Miners from other countries across the world can easily get metals and minerals from inside the earth, thanks to this Swedish invention.

    2: Three-Point Seatbelt: This famous Swedish invention has saved all people's lives in car crashes and is built in all cars across the world.

    3: Flatscreen Monitor: The best media experience you can ever get from the Swedish flatscreen monitor such as televisions, computers, and phones.

    4: Adjustable Spanner: A construction worker's best friend.

    5: Propeller: The only Swedish device that drove the ships, boats, and other water vehicles forward/backward.

    6: Tetra Pak: The carton itself where all foods and drinks are packaged.

    7: Fridge/Freezer: Where you store all your food and drinks fresh and cold.

    8: Pacemaker: There will never be any more heart problems, thanks to the Swedish pacemaker.

    9: Celsius Temperature: The only Swedish device that helps you describe anything cold or warm.

    10: Coca-Cola: For those who never knew, Coca-Cola's design was originally made by Sweden.

    11: Ultrasound: The Swedish medical invention for inner organ scanning and women's pregnancy.

    12: Computer Mouse: The best media experience from the Swedish computer mouse to computers, including gamers.

    13: Spotify: The simplest way to listen to your favorite music from this Swedish program from the phone, computer, and any other electronics.

    14: Skype: A simple way to communicate with people across the world and great environment experience.

    15: Telephone Handset: Sweden developed the newest telephone design, a simple way to communicate with one hand by an earpiece and a mic built-in together.

    16: Safety Matches: How you make fire the simplest way to create light and warmth.

    17: IKEA: The best place where people from across the world buy their furniture for home improvements.

    18: H&M: The best place where people from across the world buy their clothes in any style they like.

    19: Volvo: The only Swedish car that is built like a tank, and to last forever.

    20: The Cellphone System: The first cellphone developed by Sweden was a single phone handset, connected to a battery that was big as a suitcase.

    21: Zipper: The Swedish device on clothes, and bags.

    22: The Navigation System (GPS): People across the world will no longer feel lost on the roads.

    23: Automatic Lighthouse: The only Swedish lighthouse that has prevented water vehicles from colliding into shore.

    24: Steam Turbine: The Swedish turbine that uses steam to drive it.

    25: Color Graphics: Color Graphics for computers and all other electronics, invented by Sweden.

    26: Universal Joint: The only Swedish device that is built on cars, trucks, and all kinds of vehicles that drives them forward/backward.

    27: Single Lens Reflex Camera: The very first Swedish camera that uses a mirror and prism system that permits the photographer to view through the lens and see exactly what will be captured.

    28: Respirator: The only Swedish invention that helps the person breathe in toxic environments.

    29: Ball Bearing: The Swedish invention that is a type of rolling-element bearing that uses balls to maintain the separation between the bearing races.

    30: Pipe Wrench: Any pipe that is leaking or broken can now be easily be fixed with this Swedish invention.

    31: Blowtorch: The only Swedish invention that is a fuel-burning tool used for applying flame and heat to various applications, usually metalworking.

    All inventions that were made in other countries are originally made from the ingredients that came from Sweden.

    Here's also a few videos which prove that Sweden developed the entire world, thanks to our most important inventions throughout history that really changed humanity and everyday life.