25 April Fools Day PRANKS That Will Cost You Your Friends

25 April Fools Day PRANKS That Will Cost You Your Friends

These AMAZING April Fools Day pranks will cost you your friends. These easy ways to prank your friends will have you rolling on the floor laughing and your friends planning a revenge prank. These are the best April Fools pranks for annoying, confusing, and down right aggravating the ones closest to you. You can’t miss these 25 April Fools Day pranks that will cost you your friends!

These harmless April Fools Day pranks are the perfect way to start the month of April. Some of these ideas are so easy they are the perfect April Fools Day pranks for kids. Other tricks, well they aren’t for the faint of heart. From the perfect prank to drive your workmates mad, to the sweet taste of a nasty cooking prank, you’ll thank us (and your friends will hate us) once you see this list. Is your friendship strong enough to survive these crazy April Fools Day pranks? Check out these April Fools Day Pranks that Will Cost You Your Friends (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave us a comment below letting us know which prank is at the top of your list this year!


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April Fools Day is the best time of year to laugh at your friends and family. This list is the perfect starter kit for the best April Fools Day pranks! Do you want to prank your friends with food? This list has ways you can prank your friends with ice cream, jelly beans, onions, vegetables, mac and cheese, candy or oreos. Do you prefer a messy prank? Well pull out your baby powder, bait spray, balloons or some pop rocks to blow your friend’s minds. Try these stinky, smelly, loud, and dirty pranks to confuse your friends and amuse you. But be quick and watch these 25 April Fools Day pranks that will cost you your friends before it turns April 2nd!

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  1. At work I wrote a love letter to my friend signing it as another guy co worker, and put it in his lunch pail. He didn't see it, but his wife sure did when he got home. lol She thought the name was a fake and it was from another women. If I didn't confess to it, things would have been real bad.

  2. I wrote a fake notice that appeared to come from the apparent complex leasing office and taped it to my friend’s door. The rent increase of 500 more dollars a month.

  3. The donut trick works better if you print off a picture of donuts and put it in there instead of veggies cause some weird people would like the veggies better so leaving them with just a picture upsets them and fustrates them more lol

  4. Already tried the caramel covered onions when I was in college over 20 years ago. Only one person actually bit into one. Try chocolate covered radishes. Also, squeezing the Bavarian Cream out of donuts and replacing it with mayonnaise works quite well. Far more disgusting to most people than mint Oreos.

  5. I had a friend who has a short attention span. Hiding his phone was always entertaining because I could convince him it was sitting on the couch next to him the whole time. XD

  6. #19 The Plastic Wrap

    Just be sure to take pictures, if you are the victim of said prank!!! That way people will actually BELIEVE why you are late for work/school/Church etc.

    Isn't #11 how workplace violence starts?!

  7. My sister has been slowly turning the fridge magnets upside down one by one for months, I’ve noticed, but mums yet to. It’s gonna be hilarious. Also while at high school, the library used those empty vhs cases labeled with letters to sort the fiction books. I would take popular books, and put them in these cases. Then put the cases back where they go. For ages, I’d filled each one with a book and no one noticed, or cared until one of my mates picked one up and looked bemused when she saw it contained a book she’d been looking for… it was simple but lots of fun for one very bored student.

  8. I was a line cook at Applebees when I was a kid. We had butcher's string tied to a pan of flour placed in a microwave overhead. Watched a fellow cook open the Mike and get covered in flour!

  9. I actually did the bumper sticker using Trump on my Hillery supporter friends. When I finally admitted it they did not speak to me and my husband for months. Almost lost a 30 year friendship. Some people can't take a joke.

  10. Opened a cousins sun roof on their car while they were at work… poured in bags of popcorn filling the car! Lol. Smelled like popcorn for weeks 🙂

  11. In JR High (7-9 grades) I had a teacher whose students every year would prank him for April Fools. One year they did Plastic Wrap, a couple years later some students copied the plastic wrap prank but with newspapers (they covered the entire room with newspapers) and then the next year (when I was in 9th grade) the did the balloon prank. They filled the entire classroom with balloons, and packing peanuts

  12. II bought a bag of ghost pepper chips. They looked IDENTICAL to Doritos. They were tasty, but they were made with ghost peppers. Which made them nuclear. So….I bought a bag of doritos, and mixed them up in a bowl, and placed them on the table before a superbowl game, and just waited for the carnage.

  13. Another harmless prank is turning everything possible in their bathroom upside down. From shampoo bottles and mirrors, to the tank lid of the toilet.
    #4 Play nice and use non fluoride toothpaste. Sure, the amount that may be consumed in this prank should be small, by why gamble with a friend's health, correct? lol
    And I am happy to see the addressing of the baby powder.
    It can be done with minimal risks but I'm not posting it. It's better to simply label the hair dryer including the switches, plastic wrap it to the shower head and move on.

  14. Bait spray sounds like the stuff my dad has. It’s like deer urine in a spray can. My dad is a hunter he doesn’t have this randomly around the house. It doesn’t smell nice.

  15. My best prank was putting a rubber band around the vegetable spray in the sink and aiming the nozzle towards where my dad would be standing in the morning. Well, I forgot I had done this and it was ME that got soaked on April 1st.