25 CREEPY Things Found In The Woods

25 CREEPY Things Found In The Woods

These stories of creepy things found in the woods will shock and horrify you. These chilling stories will share the weird, strange, and downright disturbing collections of people, things, and animals found in the woods. These stories share some of the creepiest things ever found and will make you think twice about your next stroll through the woods. Put on your hiking boots because it’s time to see the 25 most creepy things found in the woods.

**Warning: Some of these stories are quite disturbing. Our younger viewers may prefer to see our list of 25 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries Solved at Last – https://youtu.be/79XjxNthvrY**

These creepy things found in the woods are downright terrifying. Far from your typical nature walk, these creepy hiking stories end with disturbing discoveries that no one should have to see. While some of these creepy reddit stories end with an explanation, most of these findings in the woods are still a mystery. Be prepared, these scary camping stories will haunt you. Check out these creepy things found in the woods (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave us a comment letting us whether you’ll be able to sleep tonight:


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These creepy things should never be found in the woods. From the unsettling, like doll heads or odd artifacts to the scary, like dead bodies or animals, this list will make you afraid to ever go into the woods again. Have you ever stumbled upon a crime scene or found something you just can’t explain? These redditors did and lived to tell the tale. Weird statues, injured hikers, and strange campsites are all par for the course in this strange and scary list. What’s the strangest thing found in the woods? Check out these 25 creepy things found in the woods and find out.

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  1. Went out hunting saw dead Hunter face down in a ditch took several minutes for me to check it out turns out it was a scarecrow in a blaze orange hunting suit to scare other Hunters out of their Prime spot I already had dialed 911 but never hit send

  2. As a preteen living in Indiana, I loved to explore and play around near and in rivers.
    I was near the White River in Anderson where I found what I figured to be an animal's femur bone. Now grown, I now know it was a human femur bone.
    Yeah, wish I would have said something to the authorities.

  3. For 20 years ago I had moved to northeastern Pennsylvania.
    I was hiking in the woods when I saw an unmarked grave.
    I notified the police.
    one of the officers told me that it was probably from the mob wars because apparently the area that I had moved to was known at one time as a mob dumping ground

  4. As most of these stories feature 'a Redditor', then the video should be renamed to like '7 CREEPY Things Found In The Woods and 18 Things That Totally Didn't Happen'

  5. It annoyed me that the Redditor found a body in the woods and DIDN'T TELL his parents or the cops. That was probably a murder victim. Fate brought the boy there so he could tell someone. Ugh…

  6. I found a deers severed leg stuck to an old farm fence bordering the property alongside railroad tracks once, when I got home my father explained a doe will eat off her stuck leg in order to get back the her fawns.

  7. just wow…holy click bait…i have been solo hiking and camping for over 30 years,,way deep in the back woods…none of this is scary or frightening…be prepared ,be aware of your suroundings,be armed,,and be ready to imerse yourself in the beauty of nature…your out there to destress and relax..but always be very aware of your situation…and enjoy,,,…happy hiking..

  8. Ive found a range of creepy things, many animal bones, clothing, a creepy cemetary deep in the woods with wooden headstones, knives and an old house. I might think of more later since i live in the woods

  9. Not to be rude but I don't think 25 should be on this list. the baby doll is lider and a good person picking up a baby head to thero it away or a forest ranger
    TLDR: 25 = not scary a person picked it up to throw in away

  10. #23 makes me p/off.. he shouldve reportrd the body to the police. Rip homeless dude. Georgia state parks are creepy especially the bathrooms with are you being sex trafficked stickers on the stalls. Never go hikinh in the fall the woods are beyond creepy

  11. Sadly, only about 3-4 of these are true. The rest are just examples of the most goddamn annoying personality trait of humans, 'the one up'. Everybody has a better story than everybody else and is only waiting for their turn to talk, not listening to you.

  12. I've found like 5 dolls and doll heads in the woods while hiking. Also, I cannot believe that freak didn't report finding a dead homeless person