25 Most BIZARRE Dog Breeds

25 Most BIZARRE Dog Breeds

You won’t believe these **bizarre** dog breeds that you’ve been missing all your life. These cuddly, spiky, chunky, and downright bizarre dogs will have you laughing all the way to your nearest animal shelter. This is the ultimate guide for strange and curious dogs, so sit back and find your next forever friend. You won’t want to miss these 25 Bizarre Dog Breeds!

This is a companion to our Bizarre Cat List (https://youtu.be/WiE08NWTo6g). Some of these bizarre dogs will have you wondering if they are really man’s best friend or a dust mop in disguise. These are some of the rarest dog breeds and they can be great additions to your family. From the big and furry to the tiny and hairless, this is the list for any and all dog lovers. Is your heart big enough to love these bizarre dogs? Watch the video and see if a bizarre dog might be in your future. Check out these most bizarre dog breeds (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave a comment below to let us know which quirky pup is coming home with you!


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You can’t help but love some of these bizarre dogs. This list is the perfect way to pick a pooch that is sure to stand out. From the (mostly) hairless Chinese crested and it’s Peruvian cousin the Inca Orchid to the oddly shaped Bedlington Terrier and it’s mop shaped friend the Bergamaso, these dogs look like they came out of an alien factory. We will show you some of the best small dog breeds and some of the weirdest large dog breeds. You have not lived until you experience the faux hawk sported by the Phu Quoc or get a kiss from the underbite-ridden Brussels Griffon. Get ready to tee up with some terriers, our favorite is the Dandie Dinmont, and boogie with the Borzoi because here are the 25 most bizarre dog breeds ever!

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Music: Dog Park by Silent Partner
Image Credit:Perro sin pelo del Perú by Manuel González Olaechea Licensed under CC 1.0


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  1. Herro! AHEM!! Well…I WOULD CUDDLE EVERY SINGLE DOG ON LE LIST. THEY. ARE. LE. SO. CUTE. But…Still not as cute as my pug Penny…. c;

    (I promise I am not crazy) If you agree, please dislike! (Or reply) I don't want any likes! Well…that's it! No more of this lady tat cam across your path, trying to do something important with meh life…PEACE OUT MEH DUDES!

  2. I actually met one of those Mexican hairless dogs for the first time a couple weeks ago. She was in her late puppy stage and cute as hell. At first I thought she was a Labrador mix of some sort with an extremely short and interestingly colored coat until I got closer and realized she was practically hairless. When I asked the owners about it they told me about the breed. Her almost non existent coat was very soft and actually oddly cuddly. And, yes, she was very warm.

  3. We used to own a lagotto romagnolo (#20), it's a very, and I mean a very shy breed. Though, it's very loving and it's fur feels like sheep wool. Funnily enough our lagotto didn't swim nor dig. My favourite dog breed!

  4. All are Lovely Big Hugs too all. But want number 20, 19, 15 and 10 Please.
    5 & 4 are Funnerly Cute.
    Gone by Number, because not even going have a go at the Names.

  5. I've got a bull terrier, well 3/4 bull cross husky and he is the most loveable doggy I've ever met. He looks and sounds mean but is the biggest softy and goofball. He looks like a bully except bigger, leaner and with the curled up tail.

  6. Don't step to my Thai ridgebacks. They are a primitive breed, but can be trained, and can be funny and sweet, and they are easy to groom and please. They're too smart for most regular owners, though.

  7. you seem to be missing my daughter's dog breed. He is a Korean Jindo Dog. medium size, smart and runs like the wind, meant to protect or hunt lions, tigers, bear, and other big game. Yes, he has run off bear and deer her in Mountains of NC. Smart and pretty easy to train. they all have their cuteness and love factors.

  8. I adore hairless breed pets. Skinny guinea pigs, sphynx cats, xolos and Chinese crested are incredibly empathetic animals and excellent cuddles. They’re also regal and gorgeous! I am owned by a bambino sphynx kitten