How a Single Swedish Submarine Defeated the US Navy

How a Single Swedish Submarine Defeated the US Navy

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  1. Could the truth be more multi-layered and complex than what was released for public info consumption? Was it possible that USN could already have detected the Swedish sub but wanted to test how else the sub could try to evade detection and also stretch USN's sub-detecting capabilities further? Moreover, could USN's vulnerabilities be easily publicised, especially to current and potential adversaries?

  2. People here act like this is some surprise. The US Navy submarines have been doing this to US Aircraft carriers for decades. But hey, you've got a cool video and thousand of ignorant people liking a seven minute video with nearly three minutes on an engine and one minute on an ad. The submarine didn't defeat the US Navy, it defeated a US carrier and escaped because the US wasn't allowed to use depth charges. Hmm.

  3. I don't know how these war games work but the US defense Dpt. carried out 18 wargames for the defense of Taiwan against an invading force of the Chinese military and lost all 18 games. The US naval armada, which includes naval vessels from the UK, France, Japan, and others, will ultimately suffer a defeat in the South China Sea by the Chinese mainland defense forces and their naval forces. Are those games realistic such that the US navy tried out different battle scenarios that many times and still came out losing? Whatever the case may be, the military victory will mean nothing compared with the economic backlash China would face as most of China product buyers are from countries that it would do battle.

  4. You are not qualified to be broadcasting such Bovine Sewage. This is all misinformation. You are most probably Russian Trolls. A submarine would not be able to even get close to a US Nuclear Carrier unless the Carrier allowed it. You do not know diddly squat. Bt Sworn to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Out US Navy Retired

  5. Oh no…… It got that close, yes. BUT……. Even IF it hit with a full spread of torpedoes……. ALL of those torpedoes WOULD NOT SINK THE CARRIER! PLUS, when the sub fired, it's location would be known! As firing under combat conditions MAKES NOISE! Noise can be detected! A sub, once detected, loses its stealth capabilities! And when that happens, it is dead! There is a VERY big difference between a "War Game", and Real Life! The U.S Navy Conducted a SINKEX with the USS America. And it took 2 weeks worth of everything they threw at her and she was STILL afloat! They had to scuttle her with demolition charges before she finally went to the bottom! So, the idea that your little swedish diesel boat could actually sink an American flattop? Get real…..

  6. NAAH. It was a wargame with an unrealistic scenario where a diesel electric sub could get close. In real life, the US would not hazzard a super carrier close to Norwegian fiords.

  7. Mariners (skimmer pukes) vs. sub(less than)-Mariners. Zoomies use satellites to detect the sea surface bump. Gotta act like a toothless adrift turd to avoid that detection, making any motionless sub a sitting duck for fast moving hunters and missiles. And there are no effective anti-satellite weapons. Subs, like skimmers, have limited use because of limited lifetime in real combat. Both have vital strategic and even tactical roles. But both have serious limitations against a foe with aerospace capabilities. War is not one-dimensional as the topic of this video was.

  8. That is the problem you are thinking like an engineer and not a naval combat officer otherwise you would know that there are two nuclear attack submarines that travel with every aircraft carrier battle group and it goes without saying that our subs are by far the best in the world and so are their Crews…. your Swedish sub would be scrapped on the bottom of the ocean before it even knew what happened.

  9. Bullshit! Unless that Swedish boat was carrying nukes, it couldn’t do anything but slow a carrier down for a few hours. After the first shot was fired the Swedish boat would have been vaporized! Sinking a carrier in battle station readiness with conventional torpedoes would be like sinking bubble wrap with a BB gun!

  10. Actually they used a Merlin engine.
    Extremely quiet. Almost totally silent at slower speeds.
    It's only gonna get worse.
    When battery powered killer drone submarines become the norm.

  11. Sweden: Well look at that, we can get past all your defenses
    AMerica: Can we borrow it to study?
    Sweden: OK, sure, friend……can we borrow any of your tech to study it?
    America: No, aquantence, that's not how we work

  12. You would think a channel called "Real Engineering", would at least attempt to gather accurate facts and figures for its episodes, but it just the same made-up bullshit that Simon Whistler has gotten rich off of.
    I am not going to bother correcting the multitude of idiotic claims and statements made here, most dont care, and prefer to be lied to, for the sake of entertainment.
    For the creators- 20 seconds of skimming Wikipedia is not great research.

  13. This is such fake news this training was never the way you described it they took turns and the Carrier was a duck on the water waiting for it to be sunk your vídeo is bs

  14. Wow.. that has to be the pinnacle of clickbait. No a single mentioning as to how it did what the title said… instead we got a 3min advertisment at the end.. Well, what did i expect from that wannabe channel?…