Why Hong Kong has the Longest Life Expectancy

Why Hong Kong has the Longest Life Expectancy

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50.1 years. According to the World Health Organization, this is the average life expectancy in the country of Sierra Leone. As of now, one of the lowest in the world.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have countries like Italy, Iceland, Singapore and Switzerland all with an average life expectancy well into their 80’s. Now beating all those countries however, is (of course) Japan, topping the list at 83.7 years. (Note that the UN data is a little different). Regardless, this is the country with the longest average life expectancy.

But, this video is not about Japan, because there is a city with an even longer life expectancy.

This is Hong Kong, a city with over 7.4 million people living on about a thousand square kilometres of land. One of the most densely populated places on the planet – a fast paced city that never sleeps.

It’s a city of contradictions with towering buildings next to lush green mountains, street food stalls alongside McDonald’s & KFC’s, markets selling cheap counterfeits in front of designer stores, but the most surprising perhaps is the extremely long life expectancy of the people living in what is one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Hong Kong has an average life expectancy of 84.3 years.

Ironically enough, Hong Kong literally translates to ‘Fragrant Harbour’.

This video will cover:
– Hong Kong weather and climate
– Londons’ Great Smog of 1952
– Geographical access to good food
– Cuisine / diet
– Accessibility of walkways and footpaths
– Fitness and habits
– Taichi & Qigong
– Environment
– WHO global network of age-friendly cities
– Hong Kong’s healthcare system / primary care / hospital treatment
– Smoking
– Strong family ties
– Mahjong
– Retirement age
– Many older generation Hong Kongers were not boring in China, but in Mainland China
– China’s Cultural Revolution


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  1. So, I'm from the top 2 places with the longest life expectancy (half Hong Konger, half Japanese), but I'm sick all the time and my back hurts. I do not live up to this reputation… Anyway for the people mentioning Monaco having the longest life expectancy, it all depends on which data set you go by. In the video I mentioned WHO and UN stats, which I think most go by. But of course there are others like CIA, GBD and OECD. And all five have different rankings for countries (mainly because they each go by slightly different criteria). So Monaco has top spot if you go by the CIA rankings. But for most others including WHO and UN, Monaco doesn't even qualify to be listed.

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  2. death: your time has come
    hong kong child: but im way too young to die!
    death: …fine
    20 years later*
    death: ok i gave you enough time so your time has come-
    hong kong adult: please i dont wanna die
    death: ok ok, i'll give you one more chance but next time and you're done
    40 years later*
    death: ok finally, now you will die, so… as i was saying… your time has come-
    hong kong elderly: nah i just dont feel like it

  3. Wait… Hong Kong has a higher life expectancy then Japan? I’m from Hong Kong and had no idea about that.
    Edit: we have a low proportion of smokers? Wow.. can’t imagine what the rest of the world smells like. Never really paid attention to smokers when I travel.

  4. We were ALL wearing masks when there was ONE confirmed covid case back in February 2020, cause we learned our lesson with SARS. We actually like being alive, unlike SOME countries

  5. Hehe me live Hong Kong my grandma swam to Hong Kong my grandpa swam to Hong Kong my great grandma is 102 years old haha me live long idk cause me only 10 me good english but me pretend not good English