Al Murray | Top 5 Tanks | The Tank Museum

Al Murray | Top 5 Tanks | The Tank Museum

Comedian Al Murray of, Pub Landlord fame, came to The Tank Museum to choose his Top 5 Tanks. Let us know what you think!

Whose top 5 would you like to see next?

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  1. "Hey Murray, trying to solve this crossword, what's a five-letter word for a boreal forest?"
    Murray: 1:13
    "okay I heard you the first time please stop"

  2. Isn't even aware they were NEVER Called RONSONS, or tommy cookers, ALL that is POST WAR nonsense.
    They kept records of what happened to EVERY SINGLE tank, and OMG they have them & you know what it doesn't say? 1,000's or tank were destroyed by fire!
    OMG the RONSON nonsense is based on the SLOGAN from an Ad that came out AFTER the war ended. DUH
    SOMEONE correct this numph.

  3. Actually Al, the 6 pounder, from which the gun on the Cromwell was derived, was a much better anti-tank weapon than the Ordnance QF 75 mm, the latter being created to gave the Cromwell and 75 mm Churchills the ability to use the same ammunition as the 75 mm Shermans (i.e. it gave those tanks a more destructive HE round, but reduced their effectiveness as tank killers).

  4. Result matters! Hence T-34 is the clear winner! Dont forget breakout from Normandy was very easy! You want to see armour vs armour, please visit Eastern front!

  5. I would have picked the Cromwell's big brother, the Comet, for best tank. Much of the Cromwell's agility, but with a variant of the 17-pdr. It was also relatively accurate with APDS, with which it could pierce any German tank at sensible ranges. The Centurion was more a Korean War tank than a WWII one.

  6. This is supposed to be ironic , or possibly comedic , I assume ? How very disappointing that the Tank museum has decided to drop it's intellectual content to that of a WOT wargammer.

  7. Love hearing Al's opinion. His enthusiasm is contagious. But he is very wrong about both the Pzwk II and the Cromwell. The British where hindered by the railroad width limits, once those were tossed they produced arguably the best tank ever made the Centurion. It's to bad the Cromwell didn't come earlier. It would have been another nasty surprise for Rommel in the desert!