2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan | Visordown Road Test

2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan | Visordown Road Test

We take the new Royal Enfield Himalayan on a road trip through the Lake District in order to find out whether it’s a worthy adventure machine…

Read the full review here: www.visordown.com/road-tests-first-rides/first-ride-2018-royal-enfield-himalayan


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  1. The most importante point for this motorcycle is will Royal Enfield start to really check there build quality? I mean its a waste to build Simple machines to be unreliable… They have been lunching great loocking bikes on paper they have been honest but with quality NO.. Also this himalayan design shold not end with this engine CC, i am in favor of upgrading the corrent United layout to 700cc.. they should keep t a Long Stroke..

  2. Hmm. sounds like you are reading from a script which, you probably are 🙂 At times there it would appear you were riding a completely different bike to mine, tank slapper at 75? er. no. hard suspension? no. Anyway you obviously have good riding skills but, as for your evaluation of the Himalayan i'm not sure you got it right tbh. As far as it being an entry level "adventure" bike goes i can only say that as a rider age 70. having ridden quite a lot of the world on my 1200GS i have got one of these and kitted it out to do what the GS will do and, it will i have no doubt.

  3. Just running mine in. No complaints so far. A good basic bike that you can lash a tent to and no danger of smashing expensive tft screens about . A welcome break in the market away from the over complex over priced full blown adventure bikes.

  4. I had a new Indian version for one year and it was great fun. No issues at all apart from the infamous compass. Sure not what you would describe as high tech or suitable for regular motorway use, but then they are only a 1200 GBP new there