How to Build an Undersea Tunnel from Japan to Korea

How to Build an Undersea Tunnel from Japan to Korea

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We do videos on intriguing & thought-provoking Asiany topics, including stereotypes, history, culture & geography.

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We do videos on intriguing & thought-provoking Asiany topics, including stereotypes, history, culture & geography.

Researcher/Writer/Narrator/Video Editor: Kento Bento
Illustrator: Charlie Rodriguez
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Video Title: How to Build an Undersea Tunnel from Japan to Korea

“In 1917, a Japanese Army general by the name of Kuniaki Koiso, wanted to connect Japan to the rest of Asia. He suggested the idea of building a grand tunnel from Japan all the way to Korea. Certainly a tremendous feat of engineering, and not just for that point in time. Over the next hundred years, through the various incarnations, and despite the numerous proposals, the project never moved beyond conception. Today, there’s still yet to be a tunnel or bridge connecting the two countries. But the question is, for how long?…”


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  1. *[Edit: It's a bit disappointing the number of people leaving premature comments who have clearly reacted only to the title or having only watched part way through the video. Many of the points people are mentioning from the Korean side are already brought up in the video. At least watch it through before dropping viscerally-charged comments.]

    Parts of this video may be sensitive to some people, but I tried to keep this as balanced and fair as possible. If you feel I have said something inaccurate in the video, CONSTRUCTIVE feedback is always welcome. And if you disagree with someone in the comments section, there's no need to be aggressive or belittling. Let's keep it civilized! (I know… i tried).

    For those who feel the need to comment on the 'Sea of Japan' labeling of the map in the video, understand the map is obtained off Google Maps (not labelled by us). Additionally, note that the 'Sea of Japan' is the dominant term used in English-speaking countries (as well as in Europe, China & Russia); while 'East Sea' is used primarily in South Korea ('Korean East Sea' in North Korea). With that said, the video makes no claims on what the 'correct' term is.

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  2. what about a tunnel between the US and russia? it would effectively connect almost all the world without needing ships or planes, and there's a spot in alaska that's about 30 miles from russia. Could be done.

  3. When you break it down the costs are actually kinda reasonable if they can keep on budget and take the longest amount of time, approximately 7.85 billion per year for two decades of work.

  4. Hmm When I was in fukuoka, we wanted to go to Korea by ferry, but it was closed that time. This'll be a great addition to Japan's structural marvels.

  5. As a korean, i will say that though anti-japan sentiment is easing, this will probably take an extremely long time for koreans to accept the japanese. keep the anime rolling japan, the only hope for this tunnel is to get more koreans addicted to anime so they need the tunnel to deliver more anime body pillows

  6. What happens if/when Japan and Korea (or China) go to war again though? Do people think war is never going to happen again or something? Imagine China taking Korea and having easy land access to Japan. The gains are nearly entirely economic (with a gigantic up-front and maintenance cost pushing back its profitability for probably decades) but the risks are strategic weakness in wartime, an abusable backdoor into Japan, and an increase in illegal immigration, which Japan has been able to so greatly control thanks to their island status. Lol island nations ARE special and unique, almost necessarily so. That's why you see totally unique species and divergent cultures and traditions (often tracing their cultural/genetic separation back for millennia) on island nations compared to mainland nations. The whole land ecosystem is confined to and defined by the island and the specific, relatively limited, resources it can provide, while populations shifted drastically across millennia in continental nations.
    (Watched the whole video btw)

  7. The orignal plans where part of the expansion of the japanese empires expansion to the mainland. So it is clear why the project has been less important after ww2.

  8. Tunnel from Morocco to Spain tunnel from Sri Lanka to India tunnel from Japan to South Korea tunnel from Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic tunnel from Scotland to Ireland tunnel from Alaska to Russia tunnel from China to Hawaii tunnel from London to Paris man the practically connected I feel like in a few years it will be possible to drive between all the continents

  9. France and England have been at war for a thousand years, you most likely couldn't launch an effective invasion through a tunnel like that.

  10. When Korea becomes unified, an undersea tunnel is possible. However, tunnels in which Korea has not been unified will not be of much benefit to Japan either. North Korea could be a barrier to Japan's advancement to the continent.

  11. 중공몽에 이어 이번엔 왜국몽 !!!
    꿈을 깨고, 꿈도 꾸지 마라.

    건설비 100% 왜국에서 투자하고
    한국 국익에 대~~~단한 도움이 되더라도
    반대 반대 결사 반대한다.

    왜국은 영—원히 섬나라로 살아야 된다.
    침몰하기 전까지

    전범세력들이 모두 세상 떠나고
    대동아 야욕 아니 "대세계 야욕"을 버리고
    우리와 진정한 이웃이 된다면
    그 때는 한번 생각해 볼께
    그 때는…

  12. if Japan really wants to make it, make a tunnel to Tsushima, Japan first.After that Korea can consider connect it to Busan. It is 65km from Tsushima Japan to Busan Korea. As a citizen of Busan, I agree to pay 1/2 of 65km. 3:25

  13. As long as North Korea exists this is a terrible idea. I mean South Korea had to have Samsung design robot sentry guns to guard the border with NK just so they could sleep better at night. You really want to install a direct line of infiltration from NK via South Korea to Japan? Cause you know NK will try.