🇵🇸🇮🇱 Al-Nakba: 70 years of exile | Al Jazeera News Special

🇵🇸🇮🇱 Al-Nakba: 70 years of exile | Al Jazeera News Special 1

70 years of exile, disposession and death.70 years of a lost land and statelessness.70 years of the Nakba.This is Al Jazeera News Special

On May 15th in 1948, Palestinians lost their homeland when the state of Israel was created.

In this Al Jazeera News Special, we’ll take you through how it all began and where we we stand today. The vision of both the Palestinian people and the Israelis.

And how external factors have played a major role in the stalling of any potential peace deal. The Oslo accords are dead, and given the events of the last few days what is there to build on?

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  1. keep dreaming muslim . Jerusalem , Rakine , Xingjiang , Chechniya , Kashmir , london ,all will never become Islamic nation . but you will die trying to do so .

  2. Its interesting how this guy forgot to talk about the arab countries attacking Israel the first day of independence … face it Israel is here to stay FOREVER….and when you start a war and you loose you can't ask for the land you lost….

  3. "The Jews are not entitled to a single inch of Palestine….."
    Sir, with due respect, facts today dispute that, you cannot remove them sir, your people just can't do it, period.
    The right of return for millions of people is too high a bar, and allows Israel to do whatever it wants.
    Palestinians should have more realistic goals, just speaking my mind.

  4. If British colony India was divided for muslim . why muslim opposed and attack israel in 1940's when palestine was divided in two. now when defected in wars crying like idiots . hypocrites

  5. The Arabs fled aft the behest of the Arab armies. They followed their leaders who left months before….800, 000 Jews were expelled from neighbouring Arab/ muslim countries. They lost their property and their land.
    Yet another totally unbalanced article from Al Jazeera.

  6. It would be nice if Aljazeera made a documentary about the lives of Hamas leaders,Their luxury villas in Qatar,luxury cars,private planes and millions of dollars donated by other countries in their personal bank accounts.

  7. Palestine> Israel. I love the jewish people but must support Palestine. Truth is truth and its immoral to support Israel in its current form. The terrorist hamas and Arab lameness is also a problem.

  8. What you don't see in the 1948 Nakba photos is forced marches like the Turks did to the Armenians
    The Arabs really thought the other Arab states would keep fighting until Israel was finished in 3 weeks (or so they thought…)

  9. Palestinains are ex-Jordanian. Now its not Israel fault that even Jordan, Lebanon and all the other arab countires dosent want them. Did you ever asked yourself WHY NOBODY OFFER THEM TO COME THEIR OWN COUNTRY?! there is so many arab countries around Israel. They reject Palestinains not because money or palestine want only Israel – NO! They just dont want their bullshit clamis in their own house. Tommorow palestinain will tell you Lebanon is belong to them. and next week they will decide that Australia is also Palestinains. Idiots.

  10. In 1948 there was a swap of populations 800,000 Jews where refugees from Arab lands and 700,000 Arabs where refugees after trying to destroy the Jewish state the only way for peace is if the Arab lands will accept their brothers the same as Israel did.

  11. what a one-sided news organization. They make some good points but then seemingly don't even try to be objective… I don't think they're helping. When the Palestinians act peaceful, Israel will act peaceful, then progress? maybe?

  12. The Arab armies invaded Israel in 1948. What about israel invading and seizing the land they was allocated to palestinians for their own state by the u.n . Don't forget Israel also wanted to Annex all of Jordan and I am sure they would try If they thought they could pull it off. Can I go to my neighbours house and say I have self determined that your house is mine. The right of self determination has limits . It's quite mind blowing when people say being against Zionism is anit semitic as if somehow right of self determination has no limits and can justify any heinous act

  13. To know , al jazeera news . From time to time , what happend to the world palestin in history al nakba . So clear & so sorrow mystery . In treat violence toward zionist . Without peace & respect human right . Only right judgment from god . Jerusalem lies in the heart israel . Sincerly .

  14. The problem with Palestinians is that anyone who tries to solve it peacefully is either killed or rejected. Palestinian land was first Jews land as we learn from the Bible. Arabs occupied it during the Ottoman Empire.

  15. Shut up about Holocaust, u have been doin same thing to a group of people with some claim that god has chosen you to steal , murder and be greedy.

  16. Pelastine won't come together reason why Allah isn't real christain nations and Jewish nations are blessed and have always stood the test of time ….Islam ONLY causes confusion and strife ….God is holy jesus Christ had to die or there can't be peace with GOD …..mans sin and GODS holiness are fully and diamentricaly opposed….