The Last Jedi – How Comedy Can Kill A Movie

The Last Jedi - How Comedy Can Kill A Movie

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Star wars the last jedi was an incredibly controversial film however in this video I explain why its use of bathos and bad comedy ruined the film for me.

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  2. I thought Banner leaping down and hitting the bridge without have Hulked out was lame. You could see the joke coming from a mile away. The fact that Mark Ruffalo is the drizzling shits doesn't help either.

  3. I think there is a way to have a sort of "bathos" moment in an otherwise tonally serious movie, so long as it's in character for the character making the joke.

    Obi-Wan for example: He's always been a quippy type of guy, so when he makes a sarcastic remark to Anakin during their time in the Geonosis arena, it's funny but not disruptive.

    Or Tony Stark in Infinity War: When he calls Ebony Maw "Squidward" at the beginning of the movie, it's funny but totally earned because that's just something Tony Stark would say.

    I may have missed the mark here, but I hope that made sense.

  4. 5:00 Yeah humor can work as a contrast for the darkness, a few moment of reprieve to allow the audience to care again, but that requires a specific kind of humor. Han's banter in the original trilogy is a great example of this being done right. The kind of situation humor that phantom menace tried with Jar Jar Binks and the sequels used plenty off however does not.

  5. It feels like he didn't actually like the franchise he was given control of. If you're not right for it, don't do it. Even if he did it's just not apparent, the constant attempts at throwing every idea on its head was just terrible.

  6. People always use that scene in ssving private Ryan as a funny moment I never really saw it that way.. it's more like it increases the sadness because you see Matt Damon lose himself for a moment and is no longer in the war at that moment but we know he is and worse yet we know whats coming to an extent.

  7. I think one of the few jokes that actually fit well and improved the movie was when Luke did the whole "do you feel the force" with the leaf bit. Shows how interested he is in teaching Rey while also telling Rey "don't think you'll just get this on your first try"

  8. Spoiler for Avengers Endgame

    Imagine if in Avengers Endgame when it is revealed that Thanos didn't have the infinity stones when he snapped his fingers Peter Quill starts rap battling Thanos and everyone calls him Grimis and then Iron Man snaps his fingers and then dies and then coughs and is like "What you thought I died hah that would be dumb" and then walks off that's basically The Last Jedi in a nutshell

  9. Even if the jokes weren't out of place, most of them just are not good at all. It feels like comedy written for children, almost as if the movie was directed by a manchild…

  10. And yet EVERYONE has been letting Marvel movies get away with this bullshit for years.

    Iron Man and War Machine save a bunch of people from a falling plane…. SIKE!! It was an empty shell that just got hit by a truck!

    Ant-Man is having a serious touching moment with his daughter… NOPE we gotta ruin the moment with jokes about the step dad

    Thor and company barely escape with their lives from Ragmarok's destruction and bask in the amazingness they just witnessed… RECORD SCRATCH here comes the comedic relief Rock Guy to ruin the moment.

    And a million other moments more that i can't even force myself to remember

    Oh but it's Marvel. They're allowed to shit out the most cookie cutter kiddie fare garbage and everyone will eat it up. Becausr they are "fun"

  11. This point is so spot on. My brother never like that movie for this exact reason. When we were walking out of the theater, I asked how he liked it and he responded with "I didn't like it. I was laughing the whole time. Star Wars has never made me laugh before." Not only do you have to have a consistent tone in your movie, if it's a movie so heavily dependent on other movies in a series, you have to match the tone of the series.

  12. Disney tried to make an mcu movie with a starwars storyline so they could push out yet another formulaic copy that has been proven to be just basic enough that children will love it, but adults might go and see it. And since even the mcu suffers from this, it was especially out of place in what is usually a much more serious starwars setting.

  13. Yes. The overabundance of jokes killed this franchise for me. Well placed jokes would have been fine but I dont know what Disney thought but they fkd up the mood. I stop the franchise at the prequels and will say Jarjar Binks would the be best the sequel trilogy has to offer.

  14. I think it’s all subjective. The movie kept me invested, and for me, the mix of comedy and seriousness worked well. A few examples listed here didn’t really bother me:
    1. BB8 crashing into the wall after Rey meets Snoke. If I remember correctly, at that point the movie is still ramping up to the climax, positioning the characters where they need to be, so I didn’t feel like it really detracted from an intense climax, because we’re not quite there yet. R2 does the exact same thing in Empire as the heroes are trying to escape in the middle of the actual climax, and that also doesn’t bother me.
    2. Snoke bonking Rey on the head with the lightsaber. I took that to be him humiliating her, showing how much more powerful he was than her. So in my mind, even though it is humorous, it serves a purpose and enhances the scene.
    3. The guard getting obliterated in the Kylo Ren/Rey fight. I don’t know, these kinds of over the top deaths happen all the time in movies, even Star Wars movies, so it didn’t feel out of place to me.
    I will say that Leia’s Threepio joke doesn’t quite work for me – it didn’t really distract from the tone, but I just didn’t find it funny. Thing is, I think Star Wars has always kinda done this Bathos thing, whether it’s Han comedically running down a hallway to encounter stormtroopers and instantly turning around, or Threepio being disassembled and annoying everyone in the middle of Empire’s most intense scenes. Maybe Last Jedi goes a bit further than the other movies with it, but it felt pretty consistent with the other Star Wars movies for me.

  15. Now I'm not saying that this video doesn't have any valid arguments and I agree that TLJ's weakest aspect is a tonal inconsistency. But something I feel like so many people are just irrationally upset about, is Luke throwing away his lightsaber. To me, it has never been just a joke thrown in there, it's very effective characterisation. Luke throws it away, because he doesn't care for it. Or rather, he doesn't care for being a jedi. We all expected Luke to be like the old Jedi warrior who saved the galaxy and who was the hero of the day, but things have changed since then. Luke has gone through multiple traumatic incidents and doesn't want to do it anymore and we get to learn about those later on in the movie.

    Now I understand that a lot of people were remembering the old Luke and all of the cool stuff we had seen him do and wanted just a direct continuation of that. But I know I'm very happy that we got to see Luke experience a very new situation and see him tested in other ways than the last movies.

  16. Interesting that you mention Thor 3. When your video started and you presented you thesis I immediately thought of Thor 3. I did not like Thor 3 at all specifically because of the bathos. It was just poorly done.