The WW2 Towers That Defeated the Soviets

The WW2 Towers That Defeated the Soviets

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Co-Director: Mike Ridolfi
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Footage of Berlin Flaktower courtesy of viewer Alan Apace

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  1. When you were talking about Soviet tanks redused to smoldering scraps of metall, you showed 2 photos: couple of active Soviet tanks (IS-2) and one Destroyed German (PzKpfw V). In service with the USSR army were much more serious artillery systems than the 203-mm howitzer of the 1931 year model, for example, the 280-mm mortar of the 1939 or some railway gun. Completely redundant in an urban environment. .
    And yes, in the conditions of urban combat, the size of the firing sector of these towers was truly PATHETIC. History has preserved records of at least 2 of the towers: № I (Zoo) and № II (Friedrichshain) were taken by Soviet troops on may 2, 1945. Your case is not treatable.

  2. “defeated”? they lost the war but were saved from annihilation by Germany invading the USSR…they didn’t help defeat anything, they were barely impactful

  3. What a waste they should have built them on the eastern front would have been interesting to see if the towers could have stopped the soviets they could have installed turrets and anti tank artillery in the lower part of the towers and then place them in a big open plain in a triangle formation like they did in the cities I would also dig tunnels to connect all the towers and make them big enough for tanks to drive through and set it up so the towers had reinforced steel doors for the tanks to exit booby trap the area outside the towers formation and just have the tanks respond within the area between the towers to fend off foot soilders that get close you could put 100 men in each tower and have 10 tanks a tower giving you 300 soilders and 30 tanks it could have very well been impregnable

  4. You cannot erase the past. That is the cruel truth these towers tell us.
    As the memories of the war fade with the passing of generations, the world seems eager to return to blissful ignorance.
    But the towers will remain. Through them we are reminded of just what our species is capable of.
    Never forget.

  5. "Motivate to beat the Americans and British, to claim Nazi technology and plunder for themselves"… Are you American and projecting a little here? The balls and ignorance to put this sentence as one of the main reasons here, is just astonishing… absolutely amazing.

  6. The title of this piece, in case anyone hasn't noticed, is "The WW2 Towers That Defeated the Soviets". The last time I checked any of my history books, the Soviets captured Berlin and contributed disproportionately to the defeat of Nazi Germany. The debate about the effectiveness of towers could be had by Frodo and the survivors of the Quest.

  7. "stark reminders of the evil war waged by their ancestors" get your facts straight it was Britain and France who declared war on Germany! it was allied bombers who first deliberately targeted German civilians in citys, a fact now admitted by the RAF official historian.

  8. Whoever chose the title for this video is an incredible douchebag…
    Nothing defeated the soviets in WW2. We'd all be speaking German otherwise. Smarten up and keep your titles free of misinformation.

  9. such towers should be constructed in an overlapping pattern troughout all cities and harbors of europe that could be considdered strategic objectives
    they must be constructed in a triangular pattern, at any point of at least the inner cities there must always be three towers that can point all of their weapons on that point, every tower must be connected by tunnels with internal bunkers inside of them, similar to fortresses of the maginot line or other fortress networks

    they must have a honeycomb like inner structure when a segment is destroyed the tower must be able to keep fighting

    maybe a war is unlikely, maybe it wil never happen, but remember that troughout history there have been a number of peacefull periods in Europe, but all of them ended eventually, it is unlikely that European nations wil fight eachother but a civil war or war with a non European foe is not out of the question

  10. No need for structural insurance here, cant think of anything short of a nuclear bomb literally landing on it could damage it.I think, I could be wrong it would be still intact at a half mile radius of one.Some future civilizations archeological enigma. Alternately they could be filled with our known history completely sealed up as a time capsule for a future civilization but properly sealed up, not like the half ass job the Egyptians made of the pyramids.

  11. "leading to horrifying conditions with people dying in the cramped corridors with no one to bury them, toilets overflowing.." Wow, sounds just like a Concentration Camp.