NIA Inflation News Update


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  1. There are many assertions made in this vid, but the data is lacking support and development.

    Why push FEAR, unless ulterior motives are at play?
    Go to their website, sign up for Lebed's P&D newsletter (if it still exists)
    Then you can help fund the NIA projects to protect your right to be afraid.

    It appears NIA is a cover for a boiler-room operation.
    Interesting, yet legal, business morality
    Talking their book, just like the pros, trying to hook that "greater fool" for his money.

  2. Boy you should try to realise how much hassle and time it was for me to buy a few tubes of Silver Eagles…I can easy see it would take a good few weeks to fill Sprotts' vaults!
    Great job with the sub and ordinary bass Greg! ;0)

  3. i just read that the chinese exported 120 millioin ounces of silver in 2005 . last year in 2010 they imported 100 million ounces . n a world market of about 800 million ounces the chinese move in silver accounts for a quarter of the world total output.
    great remark about the mainstream media ignoring the "real" world .

  4. NIA is caught in stock scam. Pump&Dump scam that was aimed at THEIR subscribers and NIA members. F*ck you NIA, because of you the message of money devaluation will be corrupted!

  5. @dicemanace As far as I can see, Jonathan Lebed and Gerard Adams are the people behind NIA. They did have a couple minions i.e. youtubers visionvictory and george4title.

  6. Content interesting.. but I am an innocent. What is NIA's official mandate(watchdog status)? Has it a non-official one? I assume public funding? Reason for being formed? Private/corporate associations? Is responsible to who/what? Looking for patterns.

  7. @audience4u2 These guys are evil motherfuckers preying on innocent people who hold these views. NIA is a pump and dump scam. Do not buy stocks based on their recommendations.

  8. @MrsMom100 How about those bubbles now? I bet you noticed your money doesn't get you much as it did a few years ago. Precious metals offer several advantages including privacy, although its not for everyone. As for NIA….there are more honorable, informative channels…. You have a nice day too.

  9. The NIA has produced a very professional anti-Mitt Romeny video called "The Romney Con" that the NIA hopes will go viral. DO NOT held make that happen. The NIA is the real con! It is nothing more than a front for penny stock pump and dump scams. The NIA does not really support Ron Paul, they merely pretend to support him so they can steal money from those who do. Spread the truth. Circulated this video to warn Ron Paul supporters and prevent them from being ripped off.

  10. @82816a1 Okay Peter Schiff…we'll do! NOT! Stop promoting Schiffs agenda sheeple and pay attention to the video! Wake-up, wake-up! It's time to wake-up sleeping person to the reality all around you. It would not suprise me if you believe the government is fighting for you and your liberties aginst the big bad terrorist! Get over yourself and start fighting for your rights before you loose them!!!

  11. I can't believe in the state our country is in, so many idiots – sheeple, are pushing some other agenda and not keeping their eyes on the ball of the good these videos from NIA can do to help in waking people up to what is going on all around us. Stupid – not ignorant – but stupid comments to enlighting videos – even if they come from NIA! The TRUTH is the TRUTH! Get over yourselves and wake-up!

  12. They are pumping and pumping their crappy penny stock BVSN and will pull out when it is high. These guys are stock criminals and they should be in jail. Hope SEC will get them investigated soon.

  13. If these guys could stick to FACTS and stop sending out crappy spam about penny stocks suggestions! These guys have worked for years to build up "trust" and "respect" through economy videos – then what do they do? They flip over to giving advices for penny stocks! They are "pump and dump" boys for stocks and they should be sent to jail! It will catch up with them sooner or later! Playing "heroes" to give good advices and warnings – then they dive right into the Stockmarket SCAM! SHAME ON YOU!

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