Pakistan 1988 Elections – Muslim League

PAKISTAN ELECTION: (Rado,Gaby) PAKISTAN TCS Application form for ID card PULL OUT ? as crowd of people waving forms in air BV Large queue of people outside building CMS Men in queue CMS Elderly man CMS Elderly man wearing turban BV Women queuing separately as building in b/g CMS SIDE Women in queue as fence in f/g PULL OUT as men queuing & along R-L Lahore AV Large archway in Mughal style TILT DOWN High Court people in entrance way CMS SIDE Lawyers chatting MS Cars parked next building as lawyers in f/g chatting TMS Car Park PAN L-R as Court in b/g ? TMS Large group of men riding motor-cycles towards & waving green flags of Islamic Democratic Alliance known as IGI (Main opponent of Benazir Bhutto’s Pakistan Peoples’ Party) TRACK BACK AV Green flag with stars & bicycle emblems (IGI) along TRACK R-L BV IGI Supporters on bikes along away TRACK FORWARD TMS SIDE Men on bike with two IGI flags flying TRACK L-R as along The Punjab AV Placards bearing picture of Muhammad Khan Gujarat Junejo (Ldr Muslim League) PULL OUT as large crowd of supporters surround black limo & throw flower petals on roof CMS Junejo giving victory gesture & smiling as seen thru petal strewn windscreen CMS Group of men wearing Astrakhan hats as Junejo amongst & embraced CMS HUSSAIN HUQQANI (Political Commentator) INTVW SOF (The unifying factor in the IGI is the conservative & pro-Islamic policies the parties pursue/many IGI politicians suffered during previous PPP govt) “By and large — approach to politics” TMS Junejo along thru crowd of supporters PAN R-L & TILT UP as up steps onto platform & cheering crowds in b/g SOF CMS Junejo along on platform PAN L-R as petals fall on his head BV Junejo stands on platform with hands outstretched waving & large crowd cheers in b/g SOF TGV Large crowd of Junejo supporters as some wave placards & flags INT CMS MUHAMMAD KHAN JUNEJO (Muslim League) INTVW SOF (Coalitions not popular in Pakistan/big question is how the Assembly will be split up) “In Pakistan we — CMS Rado — big question mark” EXT Army MS Soldiers in dress uniform lined up in Parade rows as officer shouts command SOF & soldiers Ground turn to BV CMS Officers standing watching CMS SIDE Miltary band wearing white tunics along TRACK R-L & PAN R-L to BV BV SIDE Soldiers marching along TRACK R-L Chief GV Large white colonial-style house with Minister’s sweeping manicured lawn in f/g ZOOM IN Residence Nawaz Sharif (Punjab Chief Minister) along towards chatting Rado CMS SIDE Sharif MS Sharif & Rado along R-L chatting as house in b/g 2 SHOT CMS NAWAZ SHARIF (The Punjab Chief Minister) INTVW SOF (Admires Zia enormously & thinks he had a healthy impact on Pakistan politics/wants to maintain ‘decency’ in politics) “I have a great — in this country” Gujarat AV Election hoarding bearing picture of Sharif PULL OUT poster-covered archway across street MS Sharif wearing yellow garland & waving from stand at rally CMS SIDE Sharif waving at crowd CBV Sharif waving from high stand as crowd below in b/g TMS Supporters wave flags TMS Ditto INT CMS Ghullam Mustafa Jatoi (phon) (Alliance Ldr) talking into hand-held mike TMS Jatoi addressing surrounding supporters TMS SIDE Supporters applauding SOF EXT MS SIDE Jatoi along PAN L-R as shakes supporters CMS HUQQANI INTVW SOF (Jatoi is a politician who is acceptable to a broad section of political activists) “Mr Jatoi is — consensus candidate” TMS 4X4 vehicle sporting PPP colours along R-L TRACK BACK & ZOOM IN as Benazir Bhutto (PPP ldr) seated in passenger seat smiling & waving TMS SIDE PPP vehicle along R-L & away to BV as PPP flag waves in f/g TMS Sea of Bhutto supporters waving & jumping PULL OUT & PAN R-L TMS Bhutto standing with body thru sunroof as crowd all around PULL OUT RADO I/C SOF TMS Bhutto poking thru sunroof & talking to crowd thru mike SOF MS Large crowd of supporters standing on roof of building & in f/g PAN L-R flags & crowds CMS SIDE Bhutto wipes face in heat TGV Enthusiatic crowd of supporters TCMS BENAZIR BHUTTO (Ldr PPP) INTVW SOF (Ruling that people have to show official ID papers is an affront to democracy since many will be unable to acquire them in time but PPP support is overwhelming & victory is almost certain anyway) “I think it’s — everyone to see” TGV Sea of supporters massed together jumping cheering & chanting SOF CMS SIDE Bhutto making speech forcefully LA Ditto MS Ditto – last four shots = 19 secs (good little sequence of Bhutto addressing supporters)

Date: 15/11/1988


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  1. Hah, This was the power of the PPP, Nawaz Sharif and all the remnants of Zia's rule along with the ISI tried their best to keep BB from power, but they failed miserably. It's sad to see the PPP suffering the miserable defeat it did in 2013 elections, and all of that due to the one wrong decision of BB, MARRIAGE TO ZARDARI!

  2. this fragile looking lady shock the whole English left army set up in my country,every body knew then who was a cheater and who was a winner,,,,,, bloody eman Farosh IjI

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