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  1. They say its real news, and dont get me wrong I would think that is very cool, but what do we know? Might as well be mind controle.

  2. I love this idea, but I think it's going to face a major challenge. Most networks have to censor themselves because if they don't say good things about any particular branch of the gov't, for example, the military, the consequence will be that the pentagon will not talk to their journalists, but to fox's. This will lead to marginalization and create a perception that RNN isn't respectable. It could easily become a whipping boy.

  3. I agree. But historically, most people aren't paying close enough attention to see beyond the mainstream. There is a general tendency to dismiss anything that differs from a "majority opinion". Not to be overly cynical, and I'm not trying to discourage RNN. I actually feel it's very important that they keep their integrity if we are to build to a majority opinion that more closely conforms to what we might call Reason. Just pointing out hurdles, in what's intended to be a supportive way.

  4. Most people I knew threw out there T.V's and got a bigger computer monitors. The T.V is like the 8 track… old and useless.

    All of us seem to feel and see the same thing. The minute we got rid of our T.V's it seem like a 2000 pound weight was taken off our minds and were were able to think again. Clearer… and a few of us after a month became better at math programming the works… Not even kidding a little… serious unplug yourself from the system. It's really easy..

  5. beware though of leftwing gatekeeping. This is where it SEEMS to be revealing more but hides just the same. A good example of that is Noam Chomsky!!

    this still seems a bit too slick for my liking

  6. excuse me, but my media is left wing, such as this. what makes this diffrent, i dont see them doing anything. i trust networks more than a youtube channel, plus i know soldiers, all of wich know the job isnt over. and it used to be treason-like to question the goverment about the cold war, even to write books about the CIA. now all you hear is junk like this saying its treason, well wouldnt you be critisized, the majortiy of we Americans will listen to whatever people say, this shouldnt be…

  7. convincing enough. CNN uses the same tactics, saying that they are telling the truth. part clips this uses also. i dont ask you of anything more than to watch FOX, CNN, etc, go on CREDIBLE sites, ask PEOPLE and dont be biased. that is the AMERICAN way! not euorpean american haters, remeber, countries may say the hate us, but they always ask for our help, dont weaken yourselfes for them, me or you, keep a open, dabateful mind.

  8. Countries NEVER say they hate us. Politicians who lead them may, and some people may, but a country is not simply it's leaders, or simply it's pissed off citizens…

    Just thought I'd say that. After all, are all Americans fat, lazy, stupid fucks who will kill for oil and McDonalds? No…no matter how tempting it is to say yes…

  9. what democracy u talking about in iraq we have no democracy no Electricity and security , Not even the fuel for my car , and thanks 2 the USA the rulers of Iraq today are the death squads who loyal to Iran, and they take their orders from Khameni

  10. Are you sure? It seems to me that they are big fan of Ron Paul! In fact, if it wasn't for RealNews, I wouldn't know anything about Ron Paul. I was supporter of Obama, until I saw couple of videos in RealNews about Ron Paul and that alone made me decide to switch to Ron Paul.

  11. There are not enough characters allowed in the comment section. If you want to know more about it visit scienceandpublicpolicy , climatedepot and watch the Interview with Dr. Madhav Khander watch?v=zQrx-lK7exg

  12. these 'alternative' media outlets always have me imagining CIA/MI6/FSB operatives punching donate buttons.

    some are more loaded with disinfo than others… some are really near the knuckle and at least give you the idea that things are way different than the mainstream story/histrionics.

    some leave you wondering what the 'payload' of error is, then (voila!) make astoundingly misleading assertions.

    so remember kids: the drugs will set you free! 😉

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