Transgenders Pakistan Elections 2018

First ever story on Shemales in Pakistan electronic media.
Reporter. Fayyaz Raja
Cameraman. Shahzad Rafiq


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Fayyaz Raja


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  1. It seems like these khawja saras and geo anchor don't know what "shemale" actually means, its a dirty dirty term meaning a women with male gentiles who is a sex worker or a prostitute – term "shemale" is primarily used in porn industry

  2. To the annoying commentator – why do you pakistani/muslim men think only man has a right to be a holder of WAQAAR and only men can be addressed as like you said 'Aurat ke azaaz se aur mard ke waqaar se' – has really pissed me off! Being a woman is of both waqaar and azaaz wali baat. Tum mard logon ko waqaar aur aizaaz dene waali bhi auraat zaat hi hei peda hi tum aurat me se hote ho so dont just use this word 'Waqaar' only for men. You men comes out of women REMEMBER THIS SHITE.

  3. grow up u sick mental piece……. y u gv da example of dogs n pigs , ds is showing tht u compare thse ppl wid animals,,,, huhhhh shame on u, n v all r muslim bt it doesnt mean tht u impose ur sick knowledge abt islam on evry 1. go n stdy da biological bck ground ncluding genetic make up , dn u ll came to no tht thse ppl havnt made thmselves like ds ……………… u bloody sick ppl

  4. Alright first of all you all need to read up on differences between shemale and you guys know what that is..please all of you guys who keep calling them shemales google it..thanks

  5. Hermaphrodites are natural born with both male and female parts to their bodies. When a baby is couple months old, the baby is neither a boy nor a takes couple of months to grow and shape their genital areas in to female parts or male parts. Sometimes their hormones are toward females that's why they look more girly than others who are more toward male hormones. Shemale is someone who was natural male born but has female hormones and decides to change his sex to female

  6. Hermaphrodites usually in western countries are developed into either male or female.when a baby about to be born or is born doctors usually check to see if their hormones are more toward male side or female's..then doctors can help them grow appropriate part either male or countries like india and pakistan they don't have options.that's they are left to that..guys please don't look down upon them they are born like that..also before you anything negative to say to my comment research

  7. It is good to appreciate and respect of these people is so beautiful love Third Gender Pakistan and I want to recognize and Liaison such live together and share the many things I am a serious man and law and loving and appreciative Third Gender like to travel and have fun and looking for true love and serious love story is long and serious and I want to marry Pakistan Third Gender I do not care about anything else this my skype rayan1146

  8. badqismati ye hai k hum log inhy acha nhi samjhty . lekn asal bat yeh hai k ye b Allah Pak ki banai hoi makhlooq hain. hum log in logon ko buri nazar SE q dekhty hain…..????

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