Best Stan Lee Characters We’ll Never Forget

Best Stan Lee Characters We’ll Never Forget

When you think of Marvel Comics, chances are you instantly think of Stan Lee and his characters. Sadly, as you might have heard, Lee passed away recently at the age of 95. His millions of fans will miss greatly him. For many, Lee will live on forever in the characters he created. What better way to honor him than by remembering the characters we’ll never forget?

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Four to five sentences referencing list items. Make sure to watch all the way to the end to find out which Stan Lee characters made our top 10!

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  1. My favorite Marvel hero is Daredevil. He's been pushed to the brink, physically and mentally. However, he keeps coming back. He's a fighter, just like his dad. I also love how he doesn't let his blindness stop him. I have cerebral palsy. DD is an inspiration to me.

  2. He was a great man, he showed so many people a world they wished they could be a part of and helped a lot of us get through hard times in our lives through his art! RIP Stan Lee

  3. The “superheroes just being ordinary people” concept is where DC, especially modern DC, absolutely falls flat and get lambasted by critics. Marvel, meanwhile, under Stan’s brilliance, made them fully fleshed out characters instead of having them be good-doers with a little bit of a backstory. R.I.P. Stan Lee, you will always be better than DC

  4. Stan Lee lived a long life. Inspiring many people and reaching out to the people with characters that people could relate to, with not only great power, great skills and real life problems. His stories dealt with real issues and not in a preachy way. He was creative bold,and ignored the comic book codes making stories that people needed to read or see the movies as well. I think he was wonderful and at least lived as a regular guy despite the money and success,no fancy stuff like mansions, fancy cars or elaborate belongings. I just watched a documentary on him,he was there ,they interviewed him ,toured his place and talked to his family, people in his tv shows,movies and animated shows and movies. It is nice that he had the gifts,creativity and imagination that he did. Most people don't realize their dreams or reach the goal of doing what they love. At least he was one of the few that was lucky enough to be one of them. He will be missed by us all. RIP

  5. 14!!!! This is list 25 and I've watching you guys for years you can't knock to 14! That means I'll hear less of Mike's voice(in which my roommate has a crush on you Mike)…. Anyway X-Men and Spider-Man I think are the most relatable out of all of them. X-Men because it tackles the differences in people and how to stand together for a common goal. Spider-Man gives that inside look of the teen who isn't the captain of the football team.