How Far Is the N.Y.P.D. Willing to Go to Make a Pot Arrest? | NYT – Visual Investigations

How Far Is the N.Y.P.D. Willing to Go to Make a Pot Arrest? | NYT - Visual Investigations

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A traffic stop in New York led to a young black man being arrested for possession of marijuana. What happened? The New York Times obtained videos that offer a rare window into how far police may be willing to go to make an arrest.

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  1. And then you’ll always have certain kinds of people (we know who they are) that’ll say “if you have nothing to hide, just let them search your car”. This man can never get back the two weeks he spent in jail and he’s just lucky it didn’t turn out worse.

  2. this whole video just makes me mad. From turning off the body cam, to repeatedly telling your partner that "we found it okay?", to saying that the blunt would've been lit on the floor of the car for 4 minutes, to the fact that the body cam shows 2 angles of a clean floor behind the drivers seat. Cops should get some time in jail for that stunt

  3. I bet they would be willing to go to jail themselves. Did the dirty cop go to jail? "no police misconduct". Really?
    that's ok. If this is police policy, they should ALL be treated as enemies of the people. Time to take out the trash.
    Not our decision pigs, your decision.

  4. Thats it start putting camera inside the car id say about 7 one at each door above one at the dashboard one in the trunk and another inside the trunk and even when one is being blocked the others cover each other

  5. That blunt was probably the officers he just got done smokin… Anybody who smokes the devils lettuce is obviously the worst scum on Earth since it’s safer than alcohol

  6. Did you pull us over just because we are black? Well you illegally made a lane change without signaling, you illegally have tinted windows that are too dark. So no I didn't pull you over cause you are black. License and registration please.

    But I do agree that Marijuana arrests are not necessary anymore.