🇬🇧Brexit regret: Welsh voters having second thought l Al Jazeera English

🇬🇧Brexit regret: Welsh voters having second thought l Al Jazeera English 1

As British Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to sell her Brexit plan, there’s growing evidence that those who voted to leave the European Union are changing their minds.
That is leading to a growing support for another referendum.
Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Swansea in South Wales.

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  1. You see, l voted leave because l was told the Common Market as it was preMaastricht was a trading bloc only. Ratification of the Maastricht Treaty, later Lisbon meant entry into a United States of Europe with its capital in Brussels. Meaning the UK would become a kind of province. Initially six members voted against Maastricht but were told to vote again and get it right this time. The EU does not take 'no' for an answer.

  2. So let me get this straight – Wales voted to Leave the EU as a protest against the UK parliament? And who's mercy did they think they would be at after they'd kicked themselves out of the EU?

  3. my God what were the Welsh thinking of. I visited the valleys in the 90's and saw poverty beyond belief after Thatcher's destruction how in the name of God could the Welsh a proud and honourable people be fooled by the Tories again , its so sad.

  4. People never. understood exactly what the EU has done for Wales, from funding the improvement to the Heads of the Valleys Road to free milk for school children. Wales benefited immensely from EU funding and investment, let's see how we are treated by the English Government with their false promises!

  5. Honestly, I am sorry for this situation. As often happens, the weakest and the poorest pay for the grand schemes and projects. Nothing is just white or black, mostly it is gray, thus blaming EU for everything is wrong, but still I feel sorry for the situation in which the Welsh found themselves now.

  6. Didn't Boris promise lower taxes? Why are they going up?
    Didn't Boris promise that the UK would feed itself? Why are the groceries empty?
    Didn't Boris promise that the fishing fleet would have its holds full of fish? Why are the boats all moored?
    Didn't Boris promise that immigration would stop? Why are the shores awash with refugees?
    Didn't Boris promise………..

  7. Its just so weird that they did not see this coming, when there is a history of centuries in which the central gouvernment of England did not care much about the rest.