How do you make Invisible Ships, Planes & Tanks?

How do you make Invisible Ships, Planes & Tanks?
Ever since we discovered camouflage the military have been looking to give themselves the ultimate advantage and become invisble.

From the Dazzle ships of world war 1 to the adaptive camouflage of today we look at how we tried to make ships planes and tank invisible.

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Written & Researched
By Paul Shillito

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BAE Systems, US Navy, TNO,, ECA Group
Warner Bros.

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  1. They have huge cloaked planes already! I had one fly low right over me and only two super huge contrails were seen and the noise almost blew me off my chair. 1 week later it flew over again and there was only the noise of exceptionally large jet engines but no contrails, so they fixed that. I heard it two more times after. When it passed between me and the sun the first time around 11 AM, i saw a sharp shadow of a tailfin on one contrail. This means the sun could not pass through but was invisible otherwise. I was looking at where the engine exhaust would be hoping to see at least a glow or some flaw, but there was none at all, no carbon smoke either. No matter how hard I looked, it was totally 100% invisible! The plane did cast a shadow. Only two engines but they were extremely noisier than say a 747, like it was really heavy. It was too low for billowing contrails but they were there nevertheless. I could even see the two contrails swirling in the centers going opposite directions!

  2. My father was a member of the crew on DE 173. He was aboard before she was commissioned ( plank owner) every movement of that ship he was aboard, they never went to Philadelphia the entire time of the war. Believe me, he would have told me if that experiment happened

  3. The best form of camouflage is to be 266 miles away from where you're expected to be.

    And how come we can always see Paul when his splendid shirts are covered in spots and stripes and weird patterns and zig-zags and… What? Oh, right. Sorry. 😉

  4. ok,so we have smart phones with bend screens,now place what ever it takes in these small screens and apply it to military suits,and with the use of small cams placed on areas of the body taking pics in front and back of you and the background and forground some how project this on the suit with these small cam's and i believe this will work as some kind of camouflage,and with heat and cold added to the mix well?

  5. these are in every color tube televisions it does this every time you turn on your tv for the first couple seconds making the colors kinda run true. takes magnetics out for a better picture

  6. It is so crazy to think about humans being able to come to this ideas, to use the earths magnetic field to trigger mines. And then the measures to counter it. Its insane!

  7. In 2009, I saw a dark, slightly unusual plane fade away in the sky. Very strange. It just disappeared in a couple of seconds. Like when you blow on a mirror, the "fog" fades. Might've been a weather phenomenon for all I know, but if it was camoflage, then it was absolutely perfect.

  8. Alternatively, you could always do what the Pittsburgh bank robber, McArthur Wheeler, did to make himself invisible – paint himself with lemon juice (well, it's used for invisible ink, isn't it?) !

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  10. Speaking of bending light, not too long ago I heard something about that, things like taking photos around corners etc.
    Think it was in a video about Femtophotography..

  11. There are at least 10 cloaking devices patented. I assume the good ones Aren't. In 1999 The History Channel showed a cloaked Tank, it used fiber optics and you can't see it, now you do. MH370…….

  12. What is the name of the drone/aircraft that has an invisibility cloaking device using cameras and a display showing the surrounding sky giving the aircraft apparent invisibility?

  13. This is my favorite channel i am subscribed too, so informative, such interesting topics and great narration and videos and clips, thank you and whoever may be helping you for the always quality content